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Thank you very much for your help with this, Jeremie.  It works great.  :-)

Here is a shader for non-pbr spec gloss that support transparency.

Hello Jeremie,

I've tried this shader in the version 2018.3.2, and I got a compilation error when I tried to select it.  Is this still compatible with the current version of SP?  I was simply adding this to shelf manually, but is there anything special I need to do to make it work?  I'm still new to SP, and I'd appreciate your help with this.

[ResourceShader] ----- FS compile log -----
[ResourceShader] File index:
    0: shader-skeleton.frag.glsl
    1: shader-extensions.frag.glsl
    2: shader-common.frag.glsl
    3: lib-sparse.glsl
    4: lib-utils.glsl
    5: lib-bayer.glsl
    6: non-pbr-spec-gloss_alpha-blending
    7: lib-alpha.glsl
    8: lib-sampler.glsl
    9: lib-defines.glsl
    10: lib-random.glsl
    11: lib-emissive.glsl
    12: lib-env.glsl
    13: lib-vectors.glsl
    14: lib-normal.glsl
[ResourceShader] Fragment shader failed to compile with the following errors:
[ResourceShader] non-pbr-spec-gloss_alpha-blending:89 | ERROR: 6:89: error(#202) No matching overloaded function found: getOpacity
[ResourceShader] ERROR: error(#273) 1 compilation errors.  No code generated
[ResourceShader] --- FS compile log END ---

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