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Nicolas LIATTI,

I feel I need to ask this again (or more clearly) because the answers I have seen seem purposely narrow. My current renewal schedule for Substance Painter is in April of next year. After I renew this coming April 2020 will I be offered an early renewal option near Oct 2020 as to keep my license fresh until Oct 2021?

I'm going to double-check, but as the maintenance are annual, my bet would be to wait October 2020 to renew (I'll edit as soon as I have more info)

Indeed, I am confirming: if you want updates until october 2021, you better wait october 2020 to purchase the maintenance

So this means that even if I extend my maintenance at October 2020, for a year until October 2021. There will be no more maintenance options after that, even for us? Then what? We need to buy a perpetual for full price at steam in October 2021? I would suggest that some type of steam key etc.. could be provided to current owners, to mitigate that situation. Assuming there is even an upgrade option on Steam to begin with for current owners?

Content - Substance Source - Re: The Path to Substance Source
 on: November 03, 2016, 12:18:39 am 
I own everything,, so why should I subscribe to live for a new product (that I don't need) to get access to source? But.. if you simply want us to subscribe to get access, then say so. And if I may.. charging a small fee to keep maintenance, work required etc.. to have source running on a monthly basis is totally OK. It gives you ease of mind, and I doubt any more than a small percentage would have anything against that either. This library is a service after all. As for how large the sum needs to be? That is up to you, but the more members the more reasonable the price. Kind of like a carrot for the community too if you will ;) Just a suggestion at any rate. But my point is that, I don't have any access to this library ATM, because I own everything and I don't really need to subscribe to another product for the point of getting access.

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - The store
 on: July 11, 2016, 02:02:16 pm 
Hi guys,

Why are the old versions removed from my purchased inventory? I can understand that you don't support old versions. But previously the older versions were available for download, but now (without warning) those were removed. While I technically understand you wanting to stop people from using older versions, there could still be a reason for me (or anyone else) to download older versions. Like older projects etc..

Just to be clear, this is *not* a crisis for me.. since I expected it. So I had downloaded it previously, and saved all my previous versions. Because I know things like this happen. But I hope you understand that I react, because I wasn't informed of this change. And that while 99.99% of everyone doesn't have a problem with this. they might have one when they must fire up an older project for some reason :) That goes for all projects.. and I assume database as well.

A more immediate concern however is the one indie license I am sitting on.. Substance Painter. Which, I cannot upgrade (well, not really true.. I can on Steam, but not here. But then again, I don't have the indie version on Steam) And I don't understand why? If I click on the 'upgrade license' button, at the bottom of the screen, I only get a list of BM2 which I already have upgraded. But not the one Indie license I do want to upgrade is there? Why? I feel like I have to fight for the right to give you money ;D hahaha. Would it be possible for you guys to fix this.. because it is kind of perplexing.

Best regards/

:) I was just about to say I solved it. I simply took the substance folder from the plugin directory (from the source from github) and placed it in the source from Epic, and got it to work that way. But I suppose that is what the tutorial you mentioned might do as well?

Hi guys, it have been a very long time since the last upgrade on the source at github now. And UE4 currently is getting a rather large distance to it. If you no longer will support the github source.. that is fine. As long as the plugin works of course :) But since I have heard no official statement on this, it would be nice to hear it.

Update: Well, if one (like I have) compiled the Unreal source, then using the launcher via marketplace to install the plugin will be impossible. This means I must install the engine from marketplace, install the plugin, copy the plugin manually, delete the installed copy (because it is eating up the space on my drive I need for more important things) and add it manually again. Now, for the sake of making things a bit more pleasant :) Could you please at least have the client available for download here?

Update #2; Solved it, look below.

Hi guys,
I tried upgrading from my current indie license to pro, but when trying all I got was upgrade to new indie. I can sure do that, but it strikes me as odd that this upgrade isn't possible from 1.x version?

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Confused
 on: August 10, 2015, 12:01:21 pm 
Hi Nicolas, and thanks. :)

However, it says this in my account page: "You don't have substance live yet."
Anyway, isn't that supposed to say I do have live, or is that something else? (hence my confusion :) )

Best regards/

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Confused
 on: August 10, 2015, 11:20:53 am 
This is what it says regarding live:

"How can I get Substance Live?
-->Substance Live is available as soon as you have the 3 software on your Allegorithmic account.<--
New customers: purchase Substance Live either in one-time payment or monthly payment.
Existing customers: Upgrade to Substance Live to own the whole Suite and benefit from exclusive services."

This is what I have:

Substance Painter Indie
Substance Designer 4 - Pro
Bitmap2Material 2 - Pro
Bitmap2Material 3 Pro   
Substance Database 2.0
Substance Designer 5 Pro

What is going on here?? Do I need to own everything before getting live?

Best regards/

Ok, thanks for the feedback Fabian  :)

(Off topic) A small note though, for some odd reason my profile name keeps changing from Mithril to 'mobas', I change back but after a while it's 'mobas' again. Just thought I should mention it.

That can't be right because I got all products except painter (which was only available as indie at the time of purchase) as pro versions. I don't have any live account active (just checked).

You could also look into why I can only change an exposed parameter once (like if exposing the parameter for the tiling package, because I wanted to increase the hex cell amounts. Please note that NumberX and NumberY *seems* to be exposed. But they cannot be changed (looks like the bottom image in the beginning) and I had to expose the value again) the change is then set to 10 by default. Now changing to the value I want seems OK, and the change remains registered. Clicks on another node, then goes back.. presto exposed values are now gone again, and cannot be changed. Trying to expose again .. crashes. It also crashes immediately if I try to expose in the far right list, instead exposing by right clicking the node in the graph seems to work the first time. But like I said, as soon as I click on something else. It is back to as it was in the beginning again. With me not being able to change the amount of tiles. But the change is still registered.

Now, my question is also this: Why am I not able to change a value for a parameter that is visible in the list to the right from the beginning?


I think I got around it by another way.. I used 'explore' that seems to do the trick :) But still, the crashing is a bit of a worry.. but I know you guys a working on it so ;D

It is because of the lighting in the scene. You need to have the same type of sky/background as in designer, you also need the same definitions for the light-source. And finally you need to have the same  type of ambient lighting. Lighting is key to everything. So keep that in mind when making any kind of texture work.. in any application actually.

Hope this helps explaining it :)

Best regards/

Hi Guyz,

SD5 will be released on Steam next week. When it's done, contact us with a proof of purchase from Steam (so we can see the date of purchase) on our contact form and we will give you a Steam key for SD5.
It's the same process if you wish to have it on your Allegorithmic account as well.

PS: please note that we are really overwhelmed this week to answer all the contact emails, so we may take up to 48 hours before answering you. But as long as you receive an email confirmation that your request was sent, you can be sure that you will get an answer.
In the mean time, you can still use the trial version of SD5 which is full featured.


So by that I take it as if we bought the upgrade here on this site, we don't get a steam key? (Because I got the upgrade from here, as was discussed earlier) Or did I misunderstand something?

Best regards/

P.s no worries, I am certain you have a flood of mail coming in after the release ;)

Steam doesn't provide any system to upgrade software/games.

So here is how to do it:
- Link your Steam account on our website
- Upgrade on our website
- When SD5 is released, contact us and we will give you a Steam key


Thanks Nicolas,
;) And so now that it's released, how do I go about to requesting the steam key?

Best regards/

Hmm, will the preorder be available on steam? Because I don't want to end up in the situation where I have v4 on steam, v5 on the site, and then have to upgrade again to get v5 on steam? Because the keys don't go the the other way.

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