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Stencil materials to stay at the same size relative to the mesh no matter the change in view distance.


Hi there,
it would be cool to modify a single image on the fly, where the image is not a layer of the current texture set.
I will try to explain this better: I am referring to all those images that are used by substance effects/stencils as input.

For example, if I want to modify the image that defines the material ID of the relative substance effect, I currently need to fire up Photoshop or Designer.
This is not very practical, as it would be much better to have interactive feedback inside of Painter (especially when it will include more traditional 2D tools and brushes).

Hope that makes sense.

I am getting a lot of errors when I enable the Automatic Export (SD sometimes can't export my maps for some unknown reason).
To avoid this and to have the app more responsive, I disabled the automatic export.
But now, from time to time, the path rolls back to where I store my substances, instead of where I initially specified it.
Any idea of why is this happening?

Honestly I thought the same many times... I mean, I am thinking to one area in particular that should be shared between both applications: UV painting.
Both Designer and Painter have a 2D view, but the first one has painting and vector tools, the second not yet.
Theoretically, the 2D view will probably end up to be mostly the same for both. So I wonder if the two applications shouldn't merge.
But hey, SP it's VERY young, and the substance effect included in the last 2 betas is definitely a step in the right direction.
Let's see what happens :)

Something else to add. If you want to have the substance to take the input from all of the layers, then you need use the Pass Through blending mode for the layer that Substance effect is applied.

For example, if you substance input needs diffuse and you have many layers in your layer stack that contribute to the diffuse, then switching the blend mode to pass through for the layer with the substance effect will take all layers diffuse channel. You also need to make sure that the layer is set to the appropriate channel in the channel drop-down of the layer stack i.e. in this example diffuse.



Wow, that's pretty powerful!
I'm amazed by the substance effect addition... combined with SD one can literally develop its own filters.
Great job guys!
Looking forward to the next beta :)

From my experience, different PBR shaders will always give different results: if you're trying to match what you see in SD, or Marmoset, into Octane, you will probably end up into headaches :S
Furthermore, currently the PBR Spec/Gloss shader has a bug as it doesn't correctly conserves energy.

Btw, as Wes already said: Roughness and Glossiness are the same, but  sometime these values are inverted (i.e. you might need to invert this channel in Octane to have similar results).

Imo the solution to the problem would be if Allegorithmic would mask the stroke according to the angle of incidence, as trevorjlee said.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Re: Library help
 on: July 01, 2014, 07:33:38 pm 
From what I know, you set the path to your custom library in the preferences, and then you use a filter to specify a tag, or a category, on one url.
What I do if I want to add an entire folder to my custom filter in the library, is to specify the url to my custom path in the filter(after having specified the same url in the preferences path too).

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Re: Library help
 on: July 01, 2014, 04:37:21 pm 
1) Try to give a look to this video:
It worked for me
2) Good catch! I suppose that the Category and Tag for the wood wathering is wrong...

Just yesterday I was trying to build my material ID color mask inside of SD with the svg tools, but I had to give up.

I noticed a very annoying behaviour with the undo stack: if I add a new svg vector image to my substance, and then I start to draw a bezier curve in it ("path" button, not "freehand"), if I undo while the current tool is still active, the whole svg image is deleted.

Furthermore, the undo command shouldn't rollback to the last drawn shape, but to the the last modify made with the tool: If I add a point and then I undo, only this one should be deleted, not the whole shape.


Our next big milestone is to allow to work in 4k, which should help some of you.


Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Re: scifi greeb
 on: June 29, 2014, 11:45:16 am 
Wow, now that's cool!

I mean the PBR library from Game Textures:

I really agree with this request.
Actually, I really would like to see these kind of 2D tools added to both Designer and Painter.

I downloaded yesterday night Beta 8. Multimaterial with differentiated stacks per material is a fantastic addition. It works great from my first tests. Thanks to all in Allegorithmic.
Now, my wish list would be : 4K, some specific painting tools (line, spline...), and live exchange with substance designer.

Can I say that I agree 100% :D ?
MultiMaterial alone is a massive addition!
And yes, 4K is now my most wanted feature (just because I have a model taking some dust, patiently waiting for it).

P.S. any ETA on when the PBR pack is coming?

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