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Yes, you will be able to import bitmaps and substances in SP. This is really a tool to complete the workflow with SD, some things you can do with SD only, some things you might want to use both tools.

Sweet... when this come out officially, this will be an instant purchase :)

Here are two screenshots showing what is going on... the first one is showing the material ID map which was baked at 8k and resized to 4k for maximum detail...(this is done in Photoshop to ensure max detail) the second screenshot is the resulting texture output with a VERY nasty blurring (where it shouldn't be happening) where the texture masking meets. I also have everything CRANKED UP to the max res I will be working at... the input textures are super detailed...

I also turned off mip mapping since it will done inside of Unity... and the multi material node is bugged... Material one is not even listed and I think that is causing me trouble

I am bumping this topic... I am having the same problem right now... my input textures are SUPER sharp and when I am using the multi layer material, the output texture is very blurry... I am evaluating whether or not I will be using SD4 for future projects... so far I am very impressed.

EDIT: My format is set to raw and bitmap compression is at 0


Is it possible to use own textures in painter, like AO, carv, normal and a diffuse for rust, one for metal, etc. and do the same things, like in the video?
Or will all be based on substances, created within Designer, first?

Sorry, if I can not see the point 100% yet

Kind Regards

I am wondering the same thing as a potential customer for SD4 and Painter... I usually do all of my texture work in Zbrush and Photoshop and I often want to damage my textures up quite a bit after the first intial pass. And like onkelpoe11, I want to be able to use the "clean versions of my textures" and really dirty the hell out of it... if this is possible, I will be more than happy to buy this program...

Example: I do my base materials in SD4 like leather, cloth, etc... set up the base textures...export said textures and import them into painter for further modifcation such as dirt, grime... I surely hope this will be possible :)... you guy just revolutionized the gaming pipeline wit this...

I sure did... then I plugged in my AO map and it worked as it should... great program and I am glad PBR is my reason for buying it. I also have a question in regards to blurry textures... I am trying to keep my textures nice and sharp, and I want disable mipmapping while I author my textures... how do I ensure I get sharp textures... my source textures are 8k

Good afternoon from Boston... I am having an issue right now with the environment map not previewing on my model when I drag it onto the scene (it is an actual HDR map)... I have created the base materials (and exposed the parameters) that I want on the model and though the materials seem to work on their own, I am not getting an environment map preview on the model with the new materials. I am trying to get to the bottom of the situation so I can fix this. I am running 4.0.3 in trial mode. This program looks like a perfect buy. Can anyone tell me what I could be doing wrong.. thanks.

EDIT: I am also previewing the model as a physically based renderer

EDIT 2: Missing the AO map... problem solved :)

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