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Hey guys... decided to take today to make this an UBER thread for all of my substance related work. This will also follow my game design work on my personal project which employs heavy use of Substance Designer/Painter for a artist friendly workflow. In the first post of this thread, I want to share a few renders of my level that I call The Sanctuary, which is the training level for my fighting game. The challenge for this was to create the necessary textures entirely (well, almost entirely) using Substance Designer for the major landmarks such as walls and natural materials, and if needed, taking the model with the substance, and adding additional details in Painter, where i have more control of detail placement.

The workflow --

Modeling in Modo
Substance Creation in Designer with the aid of Atlasmaker... this is a blessing
Rendering in Unity.

I must say, I love this workflow and it makes creating material libraries extremely painless. Anyway, screenshots :)

Update: So I figured out a way to get the switch node to work on my wood planks... but now I am trying to figure out how to take the underlaying grain, and have it shuffled between the planks (and it also have to account for the number of planks) without using the pixel processor which works but not as predictably... maybe using a directional warp would help?

Thanks, man. This texture took a lot of tweaking and playing around to get this look. I'm actually using nothing but blend nodes, and a few of them have the planks parameter on it which is just a boolean that turns it off an on.

As for the luminance variations, I have a parameter for that too, which makes the wood look really good. I'll give the switch node a shot to control the planks and figure out how to shuffle the wood texture based on those planks.

Hey guys... after watching the recent Twitch stream about creating old wood planks (it was awesome btw)... I tried to modify my own substance of wood planks and got really confused on making this happen using the pixel processor... so I am hoping to get some light on this node. Here is what I want to do:

This is the substance I made, which is supposed to be pressure treated wood...

In the shot above, I turned off the parameter that allows me to create planks on the texture for stuff like hardwood floors and decking. And it also allows me to create age on the wood as well and make it wet.

Now here is the same substance with the planks enabled. I like it, but all it did was just overlay the planks over the existing wood layer without really doing anything such as randomising the wood grain. And there is the relatively simple graph that controls all of this. Now what i want to do, is randomise the wood grain details, for the albedo, roughness, normal, and AO, BUT ONLY WHEN THE PLANKS ARE ENABLED. And I have no idea how to go about this. The processor is a way for me to further vary the wood planks... any help at all would be great...

Good morning guys... just thought I would stop in and show what i am working on today. I am working on a substance that I will be using in a current game level and it involves rice paper... right now, it is clean and am trying to add holes and punches in the paper... maybe do to age. I started using this with perlin zoom, but it feels too mathematically set... and I wonder if there is a better way to go about this. How would you guys approach putting holes in paper and make it feel like tears?

I am going to try to use the polygon tool and create random punches.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Huge File Size
 on: March 21, 2016, 09:01:17 pm 
I wish there was a way to flush out anything unused... such as high res meshes that i will never use again...

Hey guys, not sure if this a feature that will ever make it in, but I would love to see a bug report feature that will allow us to send the .spp files to allegorithmic directly instead of plugging up the files in a dropbox and losing essential files that are in the project. I am trying to edit my model and I keep getting crashes big time and I had to zip up my project and the model. It would be cool to send all of this at once, with the files that go with it.

Painter needs UDIM support, yes. A lot more than iRay support in my opinion. Also, you can't paint across objects in Painter, you can only paint one texture set at a time, which is a pretty harsh limitation imo.

UDIM support will be implemented in the 2.x cycle afaik, so we'll just have to wait.

A current workaround I have for this is use one material for the painting process and use masks to represent the chunks of the mesh you want to work on...

Not a problem... it is pure joy to play with this program :)

I should also ask how does the direct export to ArtStation work?

Hey KRGraphics,

before you can access the iRay settings you need to turn on iRay, actually.
You can turn it on by pressing F4 on your keyboard.

Best Regards

Holy Smokes... awesome... Thanks a bunch. And now I can show beauty shots of my work on ArtStation...

I was just trying to add it to my UI and the selection is greyed out :(

Hey Guys... just launching Substance Painter 2.0 for the first time... and I can't seem to add this to my UI. Since the option is greyed out. Am I missing something? Thanks

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Question: Payment method
 on: March 16, 2016, 06:58:36 pm 
I am having a similar issue right now... I am trying to upgrade and there is no option for PayPal here. Also my card keeps getting declined:(


We will post changelogs for Substance Painter updates in this thread.

Substance Painter 1.7.3  (Released 1 March 2016)

Added :
   - [Export] Add an option to disable padding

YES!!!! About time.

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