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I can see my cursor inside the 3d view, but any time I move it to any of the other UI panals, my cursor disappears and I can only see the interface highlighting to indicate where my cursor might be. 

Anyone else running into this?

[edit] I think if you hold the "P" button so that it rapidly activates and deactivates the tool might cause this.  This is a habit developed from other programs I use that support "sticky keys" (quick presses activate the tool, but holding a key only activates it while the key is held).

Thanks, looking forward to it.

So I think having the shelf be under the Windows Documents folder is horrible for me (does anyone ever like anything under this folder?).  I use Dropbox to work back and forth from home and work.  I'd really like to move all of my shelf files to my dropbox so that all my stuff will always be available, and I only have to update one location. 

Can I do this now?  Will I be able to do this in the future?

Hey, I'm new to SD, so maybe it can do this, but I don't know how yet.

1:  when exporting outputs to bitmaps, can you have it remember what you had selected last?  because what if I'm just working on specular and I just want to quickly export that every time?  Right now, if I have 5 outputs I have to click 4 times every time I export.  Save my fingers.  So it would be nice to remember what I had selected last time.

Maybe the middle and right click buttons could do something here, like invert selection, or bring up a menu to clear all selections, toggle or whatever else.

2.  My outputs are set to RGB, but everytime I export them they come out with an alpha.  That's a run to another program to clear out my alpha.  (saving as tga).

3.  Why can't I just rightclick on the outputs to export them from the explorer or the node view?


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