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I try to get this attr from Graph not instanceNode.

I want get InstanceNode's Category ,Author and Tags, But i cannot find it in properties and definition.
The only way i find to get these attributes is reading xml with python.
I ask for a better way to get these category because not all file is .sbs file
Thanks a lot!

i deal with it by adding output node

Server paths are not supported at the moment, you should mount your server on a virtual drive first.

Thank you for your answer.
and i hope you can add API AlgFileIO.copy soon

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Scripting - importProjectResource pathError
 on: September 05, 2019, 10:55:03 am 
my material path is "//nas/temp/test.sbsar"

[Plugin - myplugin] ERROR:Preload of //nas/temp/test.sbsar failed. Doesn't point to a valid resource.

so how can i fix my path ?

why i can't import material from My server?

i ues sbs.sdsbscompgraph.compute(), it dosen't work.

i have my own Material Library, but there is so many .sbs or .sbsar file. i cannor find material what i want qucikly. so i want to generate thumbnail.
So, can i use python api to solve this problem and how?

How can i make noodle Material with same radius.
i use warp, directional warp, vector morph node to make noodle, but it isn't what i want.
this is the picture i find in artStation.

Seems fine on my side.. can you show the UVs as well?

yeah, when it is straight there is no sawtooth.
but when i change point_1_world ' r chanel, the line warp and i can see the sawtooth like the picture.
i ues the same mesh as you.
mabe i had a worry setting when i publish sbsar file. i only use default setting.
now i fix it with using a blur filter and level in painter , but i don't think i did worry in Designer.

everything is 2048 as well in SP (including the position map)?
once again it would be easier if we could test the sbs

yes, everything is 2048.
i attcah my sbs file

same texture resolution?
do you mind sharing the graph?

OK, i only use one position texture as input

i make a generator in Designer but when i publish a sbsar file to Painter it produce sawtooth
i donnot know why, please help me

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