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Hi there,

I am trying something with substance designer and I don't even know if this is possible yet.
I am working in film and I need to do one of those Harry Potter like moving paintings. I haven't found anything off the shelf that I liked other than the "matfx_oil_paint" filter in substance painter. It gives me pretty much the look I am after. Problem is I cannot load an image sequence into painter or export an image sequence. I know substance player can do this, So I tried to load the painter filter in substance designer and use it in my own graph and it works so far. So technically I could make a substance and load it into player and export a sequence.
But how do I tell Substance to load a sequence of frames as the input.

I'd also like to request a nuke version of substance if that is a possibility, or just add frame sequences to substance feature list. That would do the trick

Hm. This better be good once it comes out. The way we were let to believe, we were going to be part of the beta only to get radio silence ever since, except for all those teasing beta tester posts on Twitter, is beyond frustrating. Next time simply do a closed beta, where you contact your beta testers of choice in private, without letting anybody know you've got something cooking. That way no one gets frustrated. As classy as I think Allegorithmic is handling things in general, I feel you guys dropped the ball this time. Not classy, no sirs. Not classy at all.



Soooooo. Now that siggraph 2018 is over, when can we get our dirty mittens on this yummy chunk of goodness?

any ETA on this?

Hi there,
just wanted to ask if this substance maya toolkit works with UDIMs yet?


according to the documentation her
it says that in 2017.2.2 of the automation toolkit you can bake UDIMs. unfortunately the "How" isn't documented at all.
Any hint about that would be helpful.



just upgraded to SP2 and found out that each time I start iray, the application crashes instantly. I am on a windows 7 PC with an nvidia geforce gtx 960 with 4GB of ram. Also Substance Designer doesn't start at all now.

This is rather annoying.


this seems to be a bug, or at least an oversight. The pbr-metal-rough shader is single sided (that is obviously the one I have used all of the time.)
the pbr-metal-rough-with-alpha-blending and the pbr-metal-rough-with-alpha-test shader on the other hand show the geometry double sided.

I really think the normal pbr shader should too.



pretty sure it isn't.

This is a sphere where I deleted a quater slice of the polygons. I load it into SP and it is single sided. when I look into the hole I see throu the object. So I am pretty sure your object has thickness on the walls. But when your geometry is truely singlesided, then there is no way to make it show double sided.

Unless I haven't found the switch to make it show double sided, there seems to be no way to do this.



I noticed that it is impossible to dial in more precise numbers than 0.01 as everything smaller than that gets trunkated. That mmight make sense in a lot of cases, but I found that sometimes a little more fine adjustment is needed. A colleague of mine for instance pointed out that in a substance he made, he could not position a shape precise enough at the position he wanted it as offsetting it 0.17 in U wasn't far enough while 0.18 was too far. he wanted to move it 0.175 but couldn't because Substance didn't give enough precision.

I would also like to see this with color inputs. I get it that Substance is geared towards the gaming community, but it also is getting some traction in the film and vfx field and there, folks love floating point values, with, again, lots of precision. Having basically only integer values from 0 to 255 might be fun and games (pun intended) being able to get a bit more precise when you need it, would be highly appreciated.

just food for thought.


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Double Sided Shading
 on: October 17, 2015, 08:05:26 pm 

I'd like to see double sided shading of single sided geometry in SP. Sometimes you have singlesided polys and would like to see them from both sides even when they show the same texture. For instance when our cloth artists tailor clothes in Marvelous Designer the geometry comes in single sided. that is especially annoying with collars as they look like they are not there at all, because the geometry folds over to form the collar and due to single sided shading is invisible.

sounds to me like a trivial feature to implement. please do it.


P.S.: Zbrush has this as a display option to switch double sided shading on or off.

i am having magenta renderings geforce gtx570. no matter if using cpu, gpu or both. drivers are about 2 months old. don't have the build number atm as I'm at lunch.

good to know. thanks a lot.

ok. I fixed it here locally for me. but this should be looked at by devs. I don't want to hunt down the same bug with every release.

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