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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - OCTANE EXPORT
 on: June 03, 2016, 09:46:40 am 
I got an e-mail announcing that we already have an export option for Octane.
I'm running the 2.05 ver. and I can't find it... is it already implemented?
I just got an e-mail yesterday that 2.1 has been released but didn't upgrade yet.
thanks for letting me know!

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Gundam Vigna Zirah ver.Ka Cosmos
 on: September 25, 2015, 11:18:47 am 
Hi! After a few months away from 3d here's my latest addition to my portfolio.
Rendered in lightwave through Substance Painter texturing job

I need to know when exporting normal, curvature, AO etc maps release will see the light.
I read somewhere here that the dev team was working on that.
Thanks for letting me know! :) :)

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - 3rd Gundam Mech project
 on: June 03, 2015, 01:10:30 pm 
Hi guys!
here's my third Gundam Mech project. Rendered with lightwave native renderer.
I hope you like it!

is is possible to rotate the brush angle with a shortcut while in the viewport?
sometimes happens that you need to apply a decal using a brush alpha channel picture and when trying to place it you may change its angle. you can always go to the numeric tab for rotation but I was wondering if there's a shortcut for this so you can see the "decal image cursor" rotate in the viewer.

I'm almost done with this new gundam. There's still some work to do with edges weathering and add some random roughness spots. Also for the scratches I will add a bottom burnt colored layer.
Hope you like it!

Hi! This is an update of the new gundam I was working with :)
this is my second project and I feel that is good enough for a newbie like me and I can move on to another mech ;)
As previously mentioned, I have finished the weathering and details.
I hope you guys like it!

I'm wondering how to store a selected color in order to apply it in other objects.
Thanks for your help!

I would like to know if  Allegorithmic will make or of at least is on the table a plugin for ligthwave.


Here's my first project using SP rendered with lightwave. Sooo happy with the results i hope you like it.

Unfortunately for Lightwave users there's no plugin yet (I hope it will only be a yet thing ;)
the problem when exporting bitmaps is that if you are using "simply" settings everything is ok, but the problem comes when you export a smart materials, where you need more control over the baked maps in the 3d application. For example, we have to recreate a little the stack process, having dificulties because the PSD export format doesn't have the stack layers, only the resulting images under folders.
Is there a way to export a smart material with all its layer in PSD? That way, users that doesn't have the plugin, at least they have all information needed to build up the material in other 3d software packages.
For example:
we need alpha chanels to stack the machinery preset. otherwise, the "dust" layer on top, is simply merged on the resulting baked out image, resulting as shiny as the material is, instead of being dullish and without none or little specularity.

I recently got the Indie subscription and when I downloaded the new materials to be copied in Substance painter folder. I was surprised that the program slowed down terribly in order to load the new materials preview.
I thought that this was going to happen only once, and after the program would have loaded them all, this would not happen the next time the program starts. Bad news is that this happens all the times...
any ideas??
Shouldn't the program generate a bitmap of the material and keep it there so there's no need to really calculate all material all the time??
Thanks for your help

Hi there!
I’m having big problems when exporting objects from lightwave to OBJ in order to have Substance load them.
There’s always the message saying that all polys should be UV mapped or something like that, when in fact. Every single poly is Uv mapped.
Funny thing is that if I import that OBJ to Max and export again to OBJ, the problem seems to be fixed, but then I lose all UV maps from different materials, only keeping the first one.
The work around is import again the object to lightwave and using the same UV map that Max has renamed, starting to UV again all materials to that UV.
I also have tried make a new UV in lightwave getting rid of the one exported from Max but then again the same message from Substancer appears not loading the model.
Please need serious help here. I can’t lose hours exporting and importing meshes from one software to the other loosing UV maps in the process.
Thanks for your help!

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