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Hey there!
I just released my first Substance Designer Plugin. Sometimes I need a bit more control over the generation of MIP levels in DDS files. Since Substance Designer doesn't support exporting compressed DDS files with mipmap generation, I wrote a wrapper for binomial's crunch app.

It let's you set some advanced options.

You can get this release here:
Please note, that I haven't fully tested it, so take precautions when using it.

Unfortunately, first saving out the files and then compressing them makes the process a bit slow. I was thinking that maybe I could compile crunch as a DLL and use ctypes to compress the sdtexture binary data directly instead of intermediately writing to files. Any help on this would be highly appreciated.

I'm further planning to support customizing the mip levels, so that one could set up the outputs of the graph to be resolution dependend (see example folder in the repo), and outputs from different resolutions will be stitched together als MIP levels in the DDS file.

I know this is a niche topic, since many engines generate the mipmaps automatically. But I hope this may be useful for some who need greater control.

Since all the patents for the DXT compression expired in 2018, I wonder what's holding back the developers to support offline compression of DDS files in Substance Designer?

BTW: Does anyone know how to get the real output size of the graph when inheritance is set to be relative to parent? I mean the settings in the Parent Toolbar. I know how to get the size of the output nodes themselves, but I need that of the graph to do some optimization in the code.

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