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SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - The store
 on: July 11, 2016, 02:02:16 pm 
Hi guys,

Why are the old versions removed from my purchased inventory? I can understand that you don't support old versions. But previously the older versions were available for download, but now (without warning) those were removed. While I technically understand you wanting to stop people from using older versions, there could still be a reason for me (or anyone else) to download older versions. Like older projects etc..

Just to be clear, this is *not* a crisis for me.. since I expected it. So I had downloaded it previously, and saved all my previous versions. Because I know things like this happen. But I hope you understand that I react, because I wasn't informed of this change. And that while 99.99% of everyone doesn't have a problem with this. they might have one when they must fire up an older project for some reason :) That goes for all projects.. and I assume database as well.

A more immediate concern however is the one indie license I am sitting on.. Substance Painter. Which, I cannot upgrade (well, not really true.. I can on Steam, but not here. But then again, I don't have the indie version on Steam) And I don't understand why? If I click on the 'upgrade license' button, at the bottom of the screen, I only get a list of BM2 which I already have upgraded. But not the one Indie license I do want to upgrade is there? Why? I feel like I have to fight for the right to give you money ;D hahaha. Would it be possible for you guys to fix this.. because it is kind of perplexing.

Best regards/

Hi guys, it have been a very long time since the last upgrade on the source at github now. And UE4 currently is getting a rather large distance to it. If you no longer will support the github source.. that is fine. As long as the plugin works of course :) But since I have heard no official statement on this, it would be nice to hear it.

Update: Well, if one (like I have) compiled the Unreal source, then using the launcher via marketplace to install the plugin will be impossible. This means I must install the engine from marketplace, install the plugin, copy the plugin manually, delete the installed copy (because it is eating up the space on my drive I need for more important things) and add it manually again. Now, for the sake of making things a bit more pleasant :) Could you please at least have the client available for download here?

Update #2; Solved it, look below.

Hi guys,
I tried upgrading from my current indie license to pro, but when trying all I got was upgrade to new indie. I can sure do that, but it strikes me as odd that this upgrade isn't possible from 1.x version?

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Confused
 on: August 10, 2015, 11:20:53 am 
This is what it says regarding live:

"How can I get Substance Live?
-->Substance Live is available as soon as you have the 3 software on your Allegorithmic account.<--
New customers: purchase Substance Live either in one-time payment or monthly payment.
Existing customers: Upgrade to Substance Live to own the whole Suite and benefit from exclusive services."

This is what I have:

Substance Painter Indie
Substance Designer 4 - Pro
Bitmap2Material 2 - Pro
Bitmap2Material 3 Pro   
Substance Database 2.0
Substance Designer 5 Pro

What is going on here?? Do I need to own everything before getting live?

Best regards/

Hi guys,
I am wondering if there is some issue with the access to github? Because I can't see it now. Although I can see Epic's github just fine. Just to be clear, I had a short break in the subscription on Epic side for three days ago, but it's ok now on their end. Is there some sync period before you (or your github side) notices that I am allowed to see the UE4 source code? Because it's more than a day now. I was under the impression that this was automatic, but maybe I am mistaken?

Best regards/

Hi guys, I used a gravel material (and others, so it is not because something I generated myself, I see this in all materials) I attached the substance material to be used as a ground texture in a terrain. You can probably use the gravel you already provide. But when moving very slowly, turning or other I get this 'wobble' on the texture. Not much, just a bit. But if the terrain polygon is larger it is quite noticeable. This is something I used to see when dealing with software texturing done on CPU. So I am suspecting there is some lack of numercial precision going on here. But if anyone knows about this, and can give me suggestions to fix it I am grateful for suggestions. Otherwise the workaround is creating normal textures and use them instead on the terrain.

Best regards/


Forget it.. it is in unreal engine itself. It just wasn't as noticeable when using normal textures. :/ (Sorry about that guys)

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