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thank for quick answer

if add on text input, will be very useful function

ex) procedural sign, picket, placard..
and procedural book.. and more Use of a human character case
implementable at substance designer

and i hope to enhance 'directional warp' node or new node 
like photoshop's Layer Style - bevel and emboss  more option...
( and outglow, innerglow option...)
it implementable dynamic texture make to do
sorry my bad english
again, thank for answer

i use substnace on Unity

i was not found ProceduralMaterial's Text input

(now, bool, color, enum, float, texture, vector...)

i want generate use dynamic text in Procedural Texture

example, 3d model's cloth texture,  printing player name and dynamic font use

like this game's link ( right character chest's string 철컹철컹)

allegorithmic has update this plan?

i wait update... and wait answer

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