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ok so when I install "Substance in Unity" it spews all this stuff into my Plugins directory.. any chance in the future versions you could put it all in one directory under plugins?  I mean, I think i can just manually move the files, but it's just a suggestion. Kind of unorganized as is.  Thanks

in this page here...

the steps tell you to "Delete the Plugins folder" from your project entirely. Not a good idea, since lots of other plugins install themselves into this same folder. I almost deleted it, and I was like wait a minute  :o.. haha

It should probably instruct people instead to delete the files that were installed instead?

Everytime I go to expose a parameter I am mumbling profanities under my breath as I scroll down through 100 other parameters to select "new" to add a new parameter.

I have outlined my experience here, along with a possible solution at the end.

TL;DR: perhaps you could make it work like this:

I didn't change the labels in the above pic so obviously those doesn't make sense, but you get the idea.. streamline it a little bit.

I filed this under a substance designer suggestion too... basically it seems like substance spec/gloss shader is looking specifically for the "specular" output and "glossiness" output.

But, you can't have a Specular (RGB) Glossiness (A) output, even if you are in substance designer and have an output with those maps specified, it still can't find the specular and gloss from a single output.

This issue is also a problem in B2M standalone, when you are using the B2M3 Unity, it has Specular (RGB) Smoothness (A) map, and it seems like the shader can't detect the correct outputs.  So it's pretty hard to use the B2M3 Unity in the standalone viewer when you have no way to view changes to the specular / smoothness map.

I'm working on substances for unity, and I want to output a Specular (RGB) Gloss (A).

I don't need a standalone Specular output + Gloss output. But, it seems like the Substance Designer shader requires these two maps in separate outputs.

If possible, could the SD shader detect my output that has Specular (RGB) Gloss (A), and use the single output? As it stands, I need to have Specular + Gloss outputs in my graph that I don't need.

It's really kind of a pain, there's several things I need to do every time I publish a substance. I have to delete the outputs that I don't need. I also have to reset the Base Output Size to parent x 1. Then I have to undo those changes after I publish the sbsar.

Link to this on User Voice

In the "Export as Bitmap(s)" dialog, you can use different patterns in your "Base name pattern". It would be cool if there was a pattern for the Main Input filename. So for example, if I import a Main Input file: "bricks.jpg", I could use the "Main Input pattern" and it would spit out "bricks".

That way, I could use a "Base name pattern" that would spit out files like "bricks_BaseColor", "bricks_normal", etc.

I think this pattern could probably be part of the default "Base name pattern" - currently, it is %G_%O,  but it doesn't really make much sense for the Graph Name to be part of the base pattern in Bitmap2Material, since the graph name is "bitmap2material"...

It'd be awesome if you could hit the 'F' key to "Fit" the texture to the 2D viewport, like in substance designer.


would it be possible to generate a slope mask from world normals? (or is there a better map you could use?)

like say, find surfaces on the mesh that are between 0-45°  degree sloped, etc.

Currently, you can only resize a frame from the bottom right corner. It would be nice if you could resize a frame from any of the edges or corners. This would be nice if you want to put some nodes into the left/top of a frame.

Currently you have to resize the frame, reposition all of the nodes, and then you have some room available.

also, sometimes a node is overlapping the "resizer" triangle in the bottom right, and you have to move a node out of the way just to resize a frame.

It would be cool if you could double click the environment maps in the library to load them into the 3D view.

I always have my 3D view on a separate monitor and i have to drag the environment map across 2 monitors to change it :)

Would be really awesome if there was an "All" option in the View Outputs in 3D View menu.

If you are working with a mesh that has multiple material groups, but you are applying a single substance to all of them, you have to go into the View Outputs in 3D View and select each material individually.

Am I missing something? I have multiple material groups on my mesh for an easy way to bake SVG color masks, but I ultimately want to apply the same substance/material to the entire mesh.

Hey guys, I find I spend a lot of time (in all of your products) going back and forth between working, and spinning a light around in the 3D view.

It would be a huge time saver and speed up workflow if you could make the 3D view do an automatic Turntable movement, like in Marmoset Toolbag. It would be awesome to be able to work with the light / scene / object rotating automatically.

It'd be cool if there was a hotkey to enable / disable the Turntable, and of course options like marmoset toolbag, the rotation speed etc.

Any chance at implementing undo functionality in the B2M standalone?


Is there any way to export an SBSAR from the B2M standalone? It would be awesome if you could export an SBSAR with the main diffuse image embedded.

Is this an intentional limitation of the B2M standalone?

I guess my use case is: I have B2M3 Pro, I like using the standalone (as opposed to dragging the B2M SBSAR into Designer). I am aware of the ability to import substance presets into designer, but for whatever reason I like using the B2M Standalone and it would be cool to export an SBSAR directly from there.

it would be cool if you could export SBSAR from the B2M standalone. (perhaps b2m pro only?)
or/alternatively, it would be awesome if the B2M standalone had a "Send to Substance Designer" thing.

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