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Looks awesome! I love that blue color variation and the rust.

Hi everyone! Here is my final submision stuff:

Original Mattershots reference:

My version:

Tiles Version:

I decided to create a varnished  version as one of the parameters:

And a natural chiseled wood version that also works for the edges wear parameter:

The parameters:

I had a very short time for this contest but enjoyed it so much! and learned a lot. Also has been really cool to share this experience with people who have the same problem as me  ;D

First parameter:

Nice one, I agree with CptQwark, the MDL graphs should be an option to recreate that specific conditions.

An update:

I tried to get that metallic-like reflections on the edges without result, I think bacause of the lighting setup limitations inside SD, add metallic is not an option since is a dielectric material. I researched about this finishing and visited the manufacturer's  website and looks like that reflections are coming from the that specific studio's lighting setup.

Looking very strong so far, can't wait to see more.  :)

Thank you!  :D

Looking nice, try to set your normal map to 16 or 32 bits to deal with the jagged edges.

Well done! The background shapes blends really good together

Looks great! Really elegant and refined, good job

Hi everyone, finally I decided to switch to this one:

Here is my WIP:

Still have to polish a little bit and work on the tweakable parameters, feel free to comment  ;)

Yeah, for sure. My goal is to get a decent balance between a light graph for a good tweaking experience and randomness.

Hi everyone, hope you all having fun!

I'm going to try this:

A challenging one but that's what makes it funny.

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