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I love the painter for 3d models and it has been a journey of learning (to use it); but after many hours of you tube in think I have it down. It was ICLONE that pointed to your site when I pre-purchased your program and ICLONE together, back in Feb 2017. I am a little disappointed in the transfer of materials from painter to ICLONE; first 2 models looked good, but on the third model (most complicated) the materials transferred (some) did not look like the ones from Painter. Also the emissive (s) do not look the same as In painter. So, I don't think it is your issue in ICLONE 7 Pro but I though I would mention it. It could be that I am not using the correct shader or some other parameter. I purchase the indie 3 pack with designer and material 2d to 3d.
I will keep trying other things. Thank you for your updates.

I have the program running and I get up to attend some other business; I come back and the blue circle is chasing it's tail.

note the software is locked and can not get log file...shutting it down to retrieve log file.

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