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Last I checked you could only paint across UDIMS and not across Texture Sets with multiple UDIMs. Has this been added or if not are there plans to add it? If so, is there any rough guestimation of when it might available?

Thank you for responding, ptx is now more commonly used for the disney ptex format

Thanks in advance!

Any updates on this? Summer is about over.

Looks like the file was corrupted, I started over with a fresh import of the mesh and its working correctly now. Protip/Friendly advice, if you are only going to drop in once a day to give a single sentence response to a tech support issue, at least make sure your information is clear and accurate and wont require a follow up question for clarification otherwise it wastes another day in your 1 response a day tech support style.  For instance you said to use the Default export settings, but since I had already changed it Unity 5 Metal that is what it now defaults to and there is not one actually called "Default" so there is no way as best as I can tell to figure out which one was the very original default unless I uninstall and reinstall the software.  So what I recommend next time is you say, "try exporting with the default 'Document channels + Normal + AO (NO Alpha)' preset. This could save your customers an entire day of productivity. We are evaluating this software for our pipeline and we are very concerned about possible future support issues and lost productivity due to how slowly your support process works. Please let me know if you have other support options including paid options for more reasonable turnaround.

When you say Default do you mean the PBR Metal Rough? If so it outputs the same way.  Would it help to post my project file?

Here ya go, thanks Jeremie!

I imported a tree mesh then applied a smart material, i then created a layer above that and painted some green color, i then exported the texture using the Unity 5 Metal export settings and in the exported texture anywhere the green color was supposed to be is white and not green.  I tried both painting a solid green color as well as painting a moss texture and they both export as white.  Any ideas what the issue could be or how I can troubleshoot? I am new so please let me know if I need to give any additional information to help solve the issue. Cheers.

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