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Thank You!!! Much Appreciated.


I'm trying to set-up a material I downloaded from Substance Source named Car Fluo Paint. I'm familiar with most of the maps I generated using Substance Player but a few are totally new to me and I'm not sure how to plug them in to the Principled BSDF shader in cycles. The maps I'm unfamiliar with are the colorcoat and colorflake maps. Regarding the colorflake map, I'm not sure how to combine it with the base color map to achieve the best result - as well as achieving iridescence. As for the colorcoat map, I've used this to define the color of a glossy shader which is then mixed with the Principled BSDF to achieve the milky clearcoat on top. If you could take a look at my node setup it would be greatly appreciated. I couldn't find any helpful resources through the Substance Academy or on any Blender forums, if you know of any that would be very helpful as well.

Link to the .blend file.


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