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Hey folks,

I'm using the default Aluminum Brushed material, and it is giving me some sort of funky edge/seam artifact - it pops on and off sometimes just from turning layers on and off, or by painting on it or adjusting height Range/Position etc - anybody have any input or suggestions or solutions on how to defeat this anomaly? Images below -

How does one determine proper scale to bring the model in?

What type of units does Painter work in?

What are the size or dimensions a model must be for SSS to work?

Are there any settings to change units in Painter to accommodate a model out of scale?

What if I cannot scale the model? Then SSS simply isn't an option?

Do you have any plans to increase the SSS "Scale" setting to accommodate different size models?

Seems silly the feature can only work on certain models.

Anyone? Please? I'll give a dollar.

Hey folks,

I'm curious what blend modes are used when adding roughness maps to a layer stack, so I can add an additional roughness map/textures/information on top of what already exists, and have them combine together for an overall roughness affect..

For example, say I add a black and white scratches texture to be used for height and roughness - I would like to use the same scratches texture to change the roughness value of the scratches, on top of the pre existing surface roughness. I assumed linear dodge/add, but doesn't seem to work? It effects the whole mesh, not just the scratches.

So what blending modes should I be using or trying to add additional roughness information on top of or to the roughness information below it?

Thanks for any help.

Curious if I can flip the green channel of a normal map I imported into Painter. Or do I need to re import?

Thank you Jeremie -

I will start reading the log files from now on :)

Thank you for your time and for making this bad ass software. Keep rocking it good sir.

I am unable to reimport my .fbx into my scene. There was 1 small change I made to the geometry, where I forgot to mirror a piece of geo. So I mirrored the geo, and now it won't reimport. Painter can handle geo changes on a reimport can't it?

Hey folks,

Kind of new to Painter and UE4 -

I am curious about importing/using substance materials in UE4 - What format is used in UE4? Would it be a graph from Designer I guess?

What is the memory overhead for a fairly simple material - say one that could offer a few different varieties of grunge or rust or dirt - just to create some variety on assets in game? Is it cost effective? Or fairly expensive? What are some of the considerations or caveats to such an idea?

And would a substance material be scriptable in UE4? So I could have some scriptable, random patterns on assets throughout the world? Say a bunch of similar or instances of rocks, and using a substance material, creating a variety of moss growing on them.

Thanks for any input.

Hey folks -

I'm curious if I can use the anchor point feature to extract the MatFX rust and peeled paint effect - which is the metalness and height channels of the MatFX. I would also like to extract the color as well. Is this possible?

I saw an example on Polycount, but I couldn't get it to work.

If this is possible, can you please provide the info or steps to do it? I will owe you a beer or beverage of your choice should we ever cross paths.

Thank you.

Right on! Thank you for your help and timely response!

Hey Bit Barrel,

I'm in Substance painter 2017 1.0 and this plug in isn't working. Is it working in this version of Painter?

I get an error on map export -

Any specifics on how I should be setting up my texture exports, or my scene?

It keeps asking me for an emissive - I have no idea why or where I would turn that off or disable it - I don't need it....

I'm new to Painter as well.

Attached image with error logs...

Am I able to rotate my imported view model? Or duplicate it in scene and move it around?


Thanks Jeremie.

Does Painter support the Spec/Gloss PBR model?

Is there any documentation that explains what each of the tools/filters/nodes in the library do and/or how they work?


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