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It helped!! :-D

I am the very happy owner of a bunch of new filters now!

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi Baptiste,
the screenshot in the original post is the list I saw when I first started Alchemist. It didn't change, no matter what I do. (I just started using Alchemist some days ago.)

When I realized there should be more filters I searched for a solution. I tried to import them manually from the installation folder. But nothing happened. So I created a new folder and tried to import them into this new folder. But they didn't show up. (So the new folder is still empty.)
That's all I did so far.

If I search for one of the missing filters with the "add layer" search bar, they don't show up either.

I just tried to import a material from the Alchemist tutorial. In this one I can see the filter in the layers list. But if I search for it, it is not there. (I'll attach a screenshot.) It should be there, doesn't it?

Yes of course. Here it is.
Thanks a lot!

I was searching for some filters in Alchemist, which should be there, but aren't. I can find them in the ressource file of the installation, but not in Substance Alchemist. When I try to import the missing filters, nothing happens.

Missing ones are for example: Embroidery, Crop, Perspective correction,...
I have just a few filters that show up. For example in the category "Finish" there are only two: "Color Variation" and "Oil Paint Effect".
Do I have to activate the other filters in any way?
Thanks in advance for your help!

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