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Another version, and still the same issues? Sliders dont work properly, sometimes getting right click circle when trying to move the slider handle and they dont update for a considerable deadzone around the click point (see my previous 2 gifs). Also, the intrusive Ctrl+alt+shift bubble that pops up seems to be impossible to disable...i've tried everything. it's a "feature" i've hated since windows added it. I think i know what keys i'm pressing!

Could a developer please explain why they have completely dropped support for wintab when it's easily the best solution till you can figure out how to fix your windows ink support.

Again, reverting to wintab version until this is resolved. I wonder how many years it will be till windows ink versions are usable. Already 1 year down.

Edit: and yes, i went through the configuration guide again, for probably the 10th time. and the issues persist

Here we are at another update, been almost a full year of releases with broken pen UX. Sliders still not working like they should, and still seeing Ctrl+Alt+Shift popups(this is the most annoying thing ever and it makes me want to yell at people at microsoft).

Getting better with each iteration, but I really wish you would just have a second mode that uses the wintab library. (even like photoshops obscure config .txt file, ANYTHING!) I'm still using 2019.1 but paying for new versions, can I get a discount or something? Feeling a bit ripped off.

I think the most frustrating thing about it is the obvious solution is being ignored for what i would guess is a decision made by upper management. It seems to me it is well within reason at this point to provide some sort of legacy pen support until you can iron out the issues with windows ink. even if it adds extra development time. even if it means some brushes dont work. Perhaps someone could give some insight on the refusal to provide wintab support?

I managed to reproduce the issue and we are looking into it. It seems to only happen when the slider is at its maximum or minimum value when you start moving it, and not all sliders are affected.

In the gif I showed it seems to be the case at any value, not just min and max. (the flow slider started at 55)

@cara.di42 @milkey @david60713 Could you guys provide a video of your issues ?

See the post on the first page, same issue. but now it's less consistent. here's in 2019.3.3

Seems they are getting the same events for the mouse down, atleast

just tested sliders in 2019.3.3

Same issues exept now it sometimes will start dragging for a little bit but then stop and it's the same issue as before...
it even tried showing the right click circle a few times even though i have it disabled...
i even went through the setup guide a second time to make sure all the settings still match, they do.

I'd record a new clip but as far as i can tell it's the same silly issues with windows ink that could be resolved by providing a wintab setting in the options for substance painter. i think i'll just cancel my subscription untill the issue is resolved, i wish i'd gotten the perpetual licence for 2019.2...cause i'm paying for versions i cant even use.

Ah well, saw the patch notes and was hopeful i could finally use a 2019.3 version...i guess not.

Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660
Driver 6.3.38-2
Windows 10 (most recent updates)
Screen resolution of 2560x1440 @ 144hz (ui scaling unchanged)

Well.. Wacom Tablets use Windows Ink by default. And I really don't see any option to turn it on.

it would be on the "Mapping" settings, "Pen" doesnt show the option

My issue, when dragging sliders it doesnt respond till i move the pen far enough. never had this problem with WinTab. also the Alt Shift and Ctrl bubbles are infuriating, i think i know what buttons i'm pressing. please allow the option to use WinTab instead of Windows Ink like Adobe Photoshop. i hate fighting with windows to try and disable this silly stuff. Everything was fine before 2019.3 on my Intuos Pro M. Now it's unusable with substance 2019.3.x and i'm forced to use 2019.2 until this is resolved. most specifically the slider issues. shown here:
(part of the issue with Windows Ink is not even the gif capture was seeing the mouse movement, windows is actually failing to send mouse dragged/moved events. after i click i'm dragging the slider, you only see it in the when if finaly starts to move.)


Here is some futher evidence to support what i'm talking about:

as you can see after i click it's only sending WM_POINTERUPDATE and you can see the values changing showing that i am moving the mouse pointer around...once the delta gets big enough it finally starts moving the slider and sending WM_MOUSEMOVE as shown here:

Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660
Driver 6.3.38-2
Windows 10
Substance Painter 2019.3.0 - 1 - 2
All settings are configured as per the OP.

Tis the nature of using a 2d texture layed over your uv's, the texture seams wont line up, you'll have to patch it using clone stamp or use a procedural 3d noise that can be applied with object space instead of UV space. And/or make sure UV seems are not visible or in an area with bumpy surfaces, when possible.

also, it's never quite perfect simply because the UV's cant be airtight. there will always be splits in your mesh where the uv seems are. this is the nature of the mesh data structures. with uv's you end up haveing 2 verts stacked on top of eachother because they share the same object space coordinates but have 2 different uv coordinates. this means if the height value or normal is even slightly different on each side of the seam you will see a tear.

another unfortunate fact is uv's are not mapped perfectly to where pixels are in the textures. so each uv could be getting a slightly different filtered value (for sure with several mipmap levels). meaning each vertex on each side of the seam is not guaranteed to see the exact same value simply cause of imprecisions in the mapping

TLDR: just the nature of how it all works.

If it is a bug, it's a minor one, you just need to disable emissive for the 'MG Dirt' filter on 'Fill layer 5'.

You can also install older versions through the launcher. Click the arrow next to "Launch" and pick a different version for it to install

You're not giving enough information to be sure. My first guess would be you need to fix UV's

Alright then, reverting to substance 2019.2 it is. cause windows ink is trash and only breaks things. you cant even drag a slider without having to move the pen 40+ pixels to get it to start sending mouse drag events.

eh...just forget it...i just wont bother with my tablet until there a reasonable fix...what an annoyance... i blame microsoft by the way, so dont fret. keep rocking it, Algorithmic.

I'm just done wasting time on something that should be trivial. windows pen support for creators is garbage.

Edit: seems it is somewhat the fault of substance for updating to only use windows ink and breaking pressure sensitivity for when it's off. i've reverted to 2019.2.3 for a hopefully short time while it gets sorted out.

Cant expect microsoft to fix Windows Ink so we'll just have to wait for them to provide a way to have pressure sensitivity without it.

Can we just have a setting in the preferences so we dont have to make an obscure text file like you do with photoshop? thanks a bunch.

I have a deadzone when trying to use wacom pen to drag sliders. Nothing i've tried with windows seems to work short of disabling windows ink in the wacom mapping settings. but then there is no pressure sensitivity in SP.

Is there a way to get SP to detect pressure when windows ink is off?

Everything is up to date. Intuos pro M pth-660. Windows 10 Pro 1903

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