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Wacom Intuos 5 Touch PTH-650
Driver 6.3.38-2
Windows 10
Issue: shortcuts pressed while painting display in a text box under the cursor. It's distracting.
Unfortunately we can't do anything about it, it's Windows which chooses to display it and doesn't offer a setting to disable it.

(part of the issue with Windows Ink is not even the gif capture was seeing the mouse movement, windows is actually failing to send mouse dragged/moved events. after i click i'm dragging the slider, you only see it in the when if finaly starts to move.)

Hi Team,
Im having the same issue with the Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660 in windows 10. In my case, I believe the issue is with high resolution monitors, I currently have 4K monitor. My other applications are working fine with the tablet, is just substance painter that Im having issues with.
We have fixed the issue in our internal build regarding the drag issue with sliders, a new bugfix will be available within the next weeks and will take care of the problem.

Thanks. However, I use my tablet in mouse mode, so there is no option. But if I change to pen mode there is a Windows Ink option and it was/is enabled and pressure sensibility also doesn't work in this mode in SP2.
We have a Wacom Intuos Pro M (PTH-660) here with identical drivers and don't have pressure issues on our side. Indeed the Windows Ink setting is not available in Mouse mode, however you should still be able to get pressure. Did you make sure to restart the application when you changed the setting ? Can you try to go back to pen mode, enable Windows ink, then go back to mouse mode ?

1. Have the same issues with the sliders.
2. Right click shows circle and slows down everything.
3. Scroll selecting and draging is nearly impossible without finding right pixel to catch.
4. Windows ink is killing performance in other softwares and turning it on only to paint in substance seems too much.

Sorry guys but changing system without actually checking it and making sure it is working is wrong. I know Adobe is using it in their software but they don't care about users. Everyone I know hates windows ink, finds workarounds or simply don't use their software.
For sliders, see my previous answer.
In your video you have the Windows Ink setting "Let me use my pen as a mouse in some desktop apps" disabled. This setting must be enabled. Make sure to configure Windows Ink as the documentation explains. See:

If Windows Ink is an issue, you can create a profile in your Wacom drivers settings to only enable it for Substance Painter. I updated the documentation to cover that case.

"We can't do anything about it", bullshit ! Don't remove wintab option, this is supposed to be a professional tool ! not a hobbyst crap that forces the worst option upon the users.

Explain to us how obligatory windows ink for pressure helps anyone? Most software work with both, because they are PROFESSIONAL TOOLS, how can't be the case with substance? it is 2020 and you guys didn't even implement simple stuff like geo hiding and cross UDIM painting...Wouldn't be surprised if this Windows Ink joke is related to the Adobe move, but then again, photoshop works flawlessly without it if you create a workaround .txt...

We all hate Windows Ink ! Please give us option to use Wintab. You guys ain't making nothing "more comfortable"

My Issue is that I can't use pressure without Windows Ink !

We now have a documentation page with recommended settings to configure Windows Ink and make it compatible with Substance Painter :

If you still have issues after following those recommendations, please post :

You guys are kidding, this is crazy, we pay for this software and you guys can't even test it properly? It was all good, but you guys had to f it up in something so simple ! Windows Ink is TRASH, simple as that, if you've ever used your tablet for something more than doodling you should know for a fact it is terrible. You can't remove or fix all the things previous users mentioned above, it is disgusting to deal with this if you are working 10h+ texturing stuff, which you guys probably don't, otherwise you would see this is total bullcrap, goodbye ! I'm going to 3Dcoat.

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