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Maybe you are aware of these already but im posting just as a note :).
Im now testing version 2019.3.3 with Wacom Intuos Pro M (PTH-660) in Windows 10. (attached the log file)
Sliders are working but only if you are working without altering the UI scaling. Painting generally is very laggy, previous version was working better, dont know if its just my settings.

Thank you!

My issue, when dragging sliders it doesnt respond till i move the pen far enough. never had this problem with WinTab. also the Alt Shift and Ctrl bubbles are infuriating, i think i know what buttons i'm pressing. please allow the option to use WinTab instead of Windows Ink like Adobe Photoshop. i hate fighting with windows to try and disable this silly stuff. Everything was fine before 2019.3 on my Intuos Pro M. Now it's unusable with substance 2019.3.x and i'm forced to use 2019.2 until this is resolved. most specifically the slider issues. shown here:
(part of the issue with Windows Ink is not even the gif capture was seeing the mouse movement, windows is actually failing to send mouse dragged/moved events. after i click i'm dragging the slider, you only see it in the when if finaly starts to move.)


Here is some futher evidence to support what i'm talking about:

as you can see after i click it's only sending WM_POINTERUPDATE and you can see the values changing showing that i am moving the mouse pointer around...once the delta gets big enough it finally starts moving the slider and sending WM_MOUSEMOVE as shown here:

Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660
Driver 6.3.38-2
Windows 10
Substance Painter 2019.3.0 - 1 - 2
All settings are configured as per the OP.

Hi Team,
Im having the same issue with the Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660 in windows 10. In my case, I believe the issue is with high resolution monitors, I currently have 4K monitor. My other applications are working fine with the tablet, is just substance painter that Im having issues with.

I have tried to play with the compatiblity settings in the application properties and I resolve one issue but generate another. First it was the cursor that started jumping and when I changed some settings it fixes the jumping problem but the sliders dont work normally as mentioned previously by @cara.di42. The pen pressure for the opacity does not work correctly either now. I have followed all recommendations from your website too.

Its more or less workable I guess, but would be great if you can fix this issue for the next version.
Attached my log file
Thank you very much!


Some Mask Designs I've been testing

Second one from the left looks cool! Good luck :)

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