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Hey all,

I just copy and pasted a layer stack to a new texture set to just clean up some masking and noticed that some triplanar advanced generators are taking a dirt noise and making it super low res pixelated.  Do we know what causes this?

Attached is the original texture set mask isolation, the second image is the copied stack and what I get when I isolate.  Deleting this generator and using a fill set to triplanar does work however.

Which makes me wonder, what is supposed to be the functional difference between a fill set to triplanar and a triplanar advanced?  the advanced version just seems to give me more headaches.


Hello all,

I've recently run into an odd crashing problem where any sort of scene I make (even demo scenes) will crash when I create a layer and add a mask.  I've tried a number of things: sifting through documentation on other programs that might compete with Painter, reinstalled a couple different types of drivers, opening other artists scenes to test (they still crash).

I will mention no one else is having this issue so it's definitely local, just curious if anyone else has experienced this and if so what the fix was.  Otherwise, I'll attempt a reinstall tomorrow.



Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Triplanar issues
 on: September 25, 2019, 02:19:21 pm 
This is an interesting topic as I am having triplanar projection issues as well.  I'm attempting to use two texture sets across one object and I have noises that need to meet up and be consistent across the whole object.  If I create an instance or manually duplicate the layer with noise as a mask ... then set the Fill's projection method to triplanar, it projects as intended.  The weirdness I was getting is that the scales were off between the the two texture sets despite being identical.  Attaching an image as an example.

Is this also the case that something in the baked maps is an input for projection scale?

Hey there,

I was curious if anyone knows if it is possible to solo a mask for a particular layer, then switch to another texture set and view a copy/pasted or instanced layer to see how the two texture sets meet up in terms of continuity of details across the two sets?

My particular issue is that I am attempting to create a triplanar projection across two texture sets (which happens to be the same object) and I need to verify the noise features are meeting up at the texture set seams appropriately.  I can't seem to keep the texture sets in the same solo'd mask view to do this.

Is this even possible?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Material edit scale
 on: May 08, 2019, 11:13:55 am 
Hey all,

I remember it being mentioned in a video tutorial by Wes what the scale should be set to but I cannot rememeber or find it.  I can't even find it in the online docs or through searching through the forum.  What should the scaling factor be set to?

I've seen some people just fidgeting with that material scale and manually adjusting the height signal to get to something they like but that seems tedious and problematic?

Thanks in advance!

Hey all,

I want to say I've seen this done but I love how cool the splatter circular is and want to take advantage of its spiral functions in conjunction with a Tile Random node.  I essentially have a tiled effect I'm interested in running along the spiral "spline" but properly oriented so that these tile along the spline.  I cannot really see how to do this within the node and may just be missing something.

Has anyone done this?  Thanks in advance!


Is it possible to copy a layer stack to a new shader in the Texture Set List?  I had to make updated to a model and had to re-bake the maps.  Curious how to get the layer stack over to the new shader.  Thanks.


Pretty simple,

Does B2M3 accept float inputs to generate higher bitrate outputs?

Thanks guys,


Is it possible to view, not the result of a graph but an individual map in the 3d view?  To be able to visualize where the map data correlates to the model?


So definitely interested in dropping a metallic mask into my B2M3 setup.  Even though Metallic is selected as an output option there is no input opening up.


Hi, I have created a PNG that has much of the image masked out.  When I set this as the main image to generate everything else from, the baseColor comes through properly as having transparency but any other corresponding map shows the background that was alpha'd out. 

Why is one map respecting transparency and the rest aren't.  I need to generate these maps looking along the edges of the alpha'd portions to get proper shape results but with everything there, it isn't ideal.


I find the ability to rotate the alphas and stencils great.  Would also be nice to have negative scale control so that you can flip the patterns across an axis.



Hey all, couple questions.

Part 1: I have a substance imported and working in UE4.  Everything is working as intended.  However, it is slow.  My current output size is 256x256 and making changes is just slow.  Generally takes about 15-20 seconds to see the updates in my viewport.  Has anyone else experienced this?  The SBSAR is just over 4mb.

Part 2:  This may be a noob question but how do you create instances of your materials.  I see the Substance Graph Instance and the Material that was created.  The material I made can support many variations but it doesn't help if I don't know how to instance the material with its own Graph Instance to continue to make changes.

Thanks all and hope the holidays have been good!


I've been developing many graphs within one package and now I'd like to publish these graphs independently of the entire package, does Designer allow this?  Or must each graph live in its own package?

I've separated some UV shells because I wanted to paint them in the 2d view and forgot painting along one edge will paint on the corresponding edge of the other shell.  Is there a way to turn this off?  I separated them to assist in painting and in this particular instance it isn't helping.


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