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overall, a lot of stretching in large surface areas

I'd like to reduce the number of texture reads in Unity.
To do so I'd like to merge albedo and AO at export. Not put AO in the alpha, which I need for something else.
How do I do that?

An object is made of multiple parts
When imported inside substance painter each part acquires a separate UV
As a result the export is composed of 4 sets of textures
Which is bad for game engines.
I'd like this object to get exported as one or multiple is ok with one set of UV and one set of textures.
The usual advise is to merge object as one before import within Painter but this slows down workflow and would require me to repaint a slew of objects. This was in 2017.
Now that we're in the future, is there a way to merge uv and materials(textures) within substance?

This is what i'm talking about

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Medium forum
 on: May 20, 2020, 10:55:26 pm 
Medium got acquired by Adobe and put it under the tutelage of Substance.

It's been half a year now so it is time for you guys to add the Medium category to this forum.

now that you guys have acquired medium,you'll fix that i'm sure
make a model in medium
export highres as fbx for the vertex colors
export highres as obj for balancer which only speaks obj
reduce in balancer because it's so good export the reduced obj
drop that obj in substance and bake with the fbs as highres
the models are oriented and scaled differently so the result is black maps for normals, id and ao
makes me sad
solution: probably substance reads the custom vertex format that medium uses for obj?
definitely adding more options to import to fix all these orientation jokes (the best jokes)

PS: I love substance painter and I'll end up buying it so don't mess this up

move the material shelf to monitor #3
set thumbnail size to big
quit substance
launch again
shelf moved to monitor #1 and thumbnail back to default medium size

it seems that along uv boundaries sub-d tears the model, the model is airtight.
is there a setting to prevent that?

That's a strange one.
This material turns white when i add an emission channel.
if you turn off Fill Layer 5 it doesn't so I thought that layer has emission, nope doesn't.
This may be a bug?

the unwrapper in substance does a great job peeling off an object.
but... materials apply in a strange way, they should have none of this discontinuity, they seem rendered as if unaware of topology and that's a first time I see that in a 3d painter so there must be a switch, where is it?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - ID Map looks wrong
 on: December 23, 2019, 11:37:06 am 
I imported both lowres and highres in maya to ensure they match then select each one and export fbx to preserver vertex color.
it works mostly but now the ID map is jammed

you can see the streaks across the left part, my bet is the position map or world normal is misread by the grunge generator, looks like value clipping

my fbx are z up while the obj axis are y up, something to do with an old program I'm using
understandably this fails baking

Because of it, it would be useful to have access to axis selection on import

so painter auto uv is very good, baker doesn't work so I'm exporting the object to xnormal
problem is painter rotates the model AND scales it so xnormal can't work
could you please tell me which setting i must use to keep scale and orientation?

details: the input model is an obj output by balancer
the highres is an fbx output by oculus medium

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - Baking is completely broken...
 on: December 21, 2019, 02:00:23 am 
... that or I don't know how to use a baker

Each time I get errors or black texture on normal and ID (see screenshot)
sculpt and paint in medium, output fbx with vertex color
verify that vertex colors are there, they are
reduce model in Balancer, this scrapes vertex colors
drag and drop the reduced model in painter and let it magically auto UV
so far so good
now press the bake mesh maps button and add the highres model, press bake

either I get red crosses, always on normal and ID or black maps. Here are the errors I'm getting:
"[Scene 3D] Errors have been found while splitting meshes per UV tile: Mesh 'Layer_1' UV coordinates are missing." (black map) or red cross: "[BakingProcess] Highpoly scene file *** was required when baking"

The red cross might be linked to out of memory, no idea, the highres mesh is 17Mpoly which is a cakewalk for zomething like zbrush so it's probably not the problem.

extra consideration: the console saying "[Baking] Baking failed (Color Map from Mesh)
Invalid input data. Check the logs for more information." isn't useful, it needs to state that vertex colors are missing

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - material ID bake wrong
 on: December 20, 2019, 10:23:41 pm 
first image is highres model in maya showing vertex colors
second image is lowres model reduced in Balancer (no vertex color) uv unwrapped by painter and id baked as vertex colors
what causes the mismatch?

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