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I'm not familiar with Deadline, but if it doesn't run the scene directly through 3ds Max and parses the scene file on its own, then it would be completely outside the Substance plugin's execution. The workstation render sounds like it fires up 3ds Max and runs it through that, which would allow the plugin to run.


Some more information on the SME clearing would be good to have. I could not reproduce it with the most recent development build and I could not reproduce it with the currently released build yet on my machine, both with 3ds Max 2018.

I will have to test it later with 3ds Max 2019, as its behavior with the SME may have changed between versions.

Hello @bobweb ,

We have been listening and taking in feedback. Most of the issues brought up have been addressed or are currently being addressed. We have been and currently are working on the next version, which we plan on releasing in the near future.

Thanks for letting us know about this one. I've reproduced and seen this one, and we have a ticket in for it to be done in a future release.

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