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Hi @Luca Giarrizzo,

Sorry, I thought I included images in my original post! I updated it now.

The RGBA mask is just a pattern design I created in photoshop. I am able to select the color in the map to correspond with each Uniform Color Node, no issues there. But what I would like to be able to do is place my tile/image in the corresponding color that I choose. In the last image, you can see what I am trying to achieve with the tile placement. And I have multiple tiles and want to assign them each a corresponding color.



I'm trying to place some tiles using an RGBA mask I created but I'm not sure how to go about it. I'm fairly new to SD so I apologize if this seems like a silly question. I used the Multi-Material Blend Node when I was using Uniform Colors, however, when I place the tile bitmap you can see it only masks out that area of the tile vs. placing that tile in each square.

How can I assign specific tiles to specific colors?

Thanks in advance!!

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