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Looks like its ALT-SHIFT.

I'm a part time painter, so its difficult for me to remember some of the basic commands. Is there any location that shows you all of the shortcuts for Painter?

Is there any option to force Painter to view my model on the X, Y or Z axis?

I'm trying to put text on a model that is a box, and it very hard to get it to be perfectly aligned.

Ok, looks like I finally found it. Its located under the shader settings (Displacement and Tessellation)

How can I show in the Substance Viewport, the height map without it looking spikey?

There seems to be a change in its behavior a few versions back, and I can't seem to correct it.

I'm not using the latest build. I'm using 2019.2.0.

I can upgrade, however I'd like to know about the "Substance Source in the launcher".  Which launcher are you referring to? (Possibly Adobe Creative Cloud?).

 I launch Painter and Designer directly. I don't know another way to start them or Substance Source.

I'm having the same issue. I'm trying to access Substance Source through Substance Painter. I only see the Substance logo..and its just animating like its loading, but it never actually loads.

This has been happening for the last 2 weeks (I don't use Substance everyday)

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