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+1, I wondered why my images were appearing with "x" yesterday.  Thanks.

Brilliant, thank you... only place I did not look :)

In the Cymurai videos (part 2), the model is loaded into 3D View and appears with a white/grey material without any substance applied to it.  I am using 3.2.3 and yet mine all appear black when loaded, until I start to apply my substance.

My model is not too large and the light is pulled outside the model, so I am wondering if this is a change to SD 3D View post version 3.0.  I have tried fbx and obj files from both C4D and Maya but all appear black no matter what shader is chosen.   

I haven't used SD since v2 and am pretty sure my models appeared with white/grey material on loading.  Just wanted to check if this was a bug or change.  I would prefer the the previous white/grey material.


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