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So if I understood well, the right-click action on your pen works fine in the viewport but doesn't open the contextual menu over the layer and instead act as regular left-click ? Just to be sure, you mouse clicks are not reversed in Windows settings (left handed mode) ?

Whatever you had configured in your pen's buttons works fine over the viewport, but as soon as you try that on layer menu (or any other popup) it works as default windows right click. Actually I've found a workaround, if you keep the option to "use click as secondary mouse button" under windows control panel pen and tab options it works, and pops the secondary mouse button menu.

 I've attached my log if it helps.

Yes, sure! Thanks for awnsering.
I tried during the weekend several driver versions and resetting the preferences as well as creating new ones from scratch.

I've setup my Wacom pen to have secondary mouse clic on one pen button and central clic on the other one. Fact is, it works fine over the main viewport (manipulating the view for instance, panning, zooming, etc) but as soon as you try the same input(right clic) over the layer menu to maybe, add a mask, the input is taken as a long left mouse button clic (and drags the layer instead) It still works fine if I switch from the wacom preferences to use wacom driver instead of windows ink, but I can't use pen pressure on this mode anymore.

Oh by the way, I dont know if its useful for you, but SP crashes if you have setup different font sizes on different monitors and accidentally detach and move one panel to the other monitor :)

Well, for me its two bugs, one is older (been there several versions already) and the other one is new, I already tried the tablet setup guide for windows Ink:

  • right click button settings on the pencil dont work on windows ink setup, over the layer menu, it just shows that anoying circle. They do work on wintab, but if you switch, you regain buttons, but you lose pen sensivity :)

  • color picking (from a color fill layer) just picks a black color out of the whole cintiq, since my tablet is setup as secondary monitor, if I switch it to be main monitor, color picking works on both monitors.

Well I could switch the tablet to be main monitor, but since I turn it on or off whenever I'm using it, its kinda anoying having to set your desktop up each time, so thats not a valid workaround for me :)

Wacom Cintiq Pro 24"
Driver ver. 6.3.38-2

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Annie!
 on: August 17, 2019, 11:37:44 am 
My first post here, I've been working with Substance for a couple months now and I love it so far! Although I was having several troubles with redrawing and glitches on this lastest version. Here I used Painter for texturing and some minor tweaks with designer for the patterns. Render was done in V-Ray in Modo. Thanks!

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