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it would be cool if Substance Source had a Stylize / Cartoony / Painty look category!

to me, and my current project it is what fits it best..  I love substance and the source library awesome products!!
but iam a little sad to see a lack of this style of textures on there, I can see a few on there, but wish was more :) Iam sure the Source Library is new, so it will surely grow with time!

I had adopted a technique in the past with GIMP and real world photos, and Unity Toon shaders to make painty looking textures, but its really sub-par actually...

i suppose these games might have actually hand painted textures?? or maybe they even DO use Substance ??

more textures like the environmental textures in Paladins or Ziggurat  would be awesome!!

help please!

my render / 3dView is really dark,  how would i reset to default the options for this?
iam not sure what i did to make this happen,  my computer was being really slow at rendering, so i did try a couple things really hasty lol

the problem persists over sessions, and i even reinstalled SD .. and its also on other materials from other people

my 3d view is too dark!

(substance resolution is 256x256)

its supposed to look like this:

i think i put in preferences to NOT "view outputs on graph load"  and then i picked the wrong options here:

iam used to specular workflow ...  what is the correct options here?
Glossiness  = Roughness  ??
Specular  = Metallic ??

i mightve mixed them up ?  i tried putting it like that,  but didnt fix the darkness .. :(   how do you reset 3dview options?

okay, so the Timings that show in the graph,  I noticed they are Very inconsistent ?  like, for example a Blend Node, according to the General Optimizations Guidelines in the SD Manual page   it says to not compute alpha helps performance,  so i switch it to Ignore Alpha

so, sometimes it helps sometimes it makes it worse?  and its like this
for example say
it was: 100ms , I change to Ignore Alpha: 200ms ,   then i change it back to use Alpha: 230ms  , then i change it back to Ignore Alpha and its like 60ms
I dunno that happened last night.. not those numbers but abouts

and now my system was bogged and it showed 5 Seconds for a graph,  i adjust the node and it shows 12.01 ms  LOL

my Computer isnt great at all really lol,  so really I guess Thats the problem but..
is there any Trick at all to ensuring the Timings are reasonably accurate??
is there a button to recompute timings?  Ive pressed "reset timings" but then it only seems to recompute Timings of nodes I modify then.

LOL guess 4096x is not good for my PC :)

just thought id post feedback i guess
so  i was working in Substance Designer 2.31  and,  i had an occasional crash, occasional slowdown,  my PC isnt all that great

but now I got 2.33  and its SUPER slow when it first starts up a graph, seems calculating the timings like totally breaks my PC, my graphics driver crashes, black screen,  it recovers but takes some time,  and then all the timings in the graph is like 500ms - 2 Seconds   a couple were like 4 - 5 Seconds LOL i adjust that node and it becomes 12.01 ms and 26 ms

(iam having it render 4096x  .. so yeah kinda my fault i guess .. Yebis not Iray at the time)
noticed, when i was able to get the Task Manager to come up that it was using ~9Gb RAM  (probably maxed my system i guess)

AMD A10 - 6700 APU
AMD Radeon HD 8670D
12Gb RAM
Windows 8.1  64bit

(yeah its not that great a PC but its okay and was cheap lol)

is it possible in Substance Designer to have Exposed Parameters  .. or Exposed Functions  whatever you call em :)
as named Words instead of just numbers?
like in coding its Enums

like instead of having:
Wood Type:  0,1,2,3,4,5

id have:
Wood Type:  Oak, Pine, Mahogany.. etc

Iam relatively new to Substance..

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