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It seems the current version of Alchemist has a bug in the AI texture generator where it produces noticeable seams on the generated AO map borders. Known bug? Any workaround for this? Bug does not happen in B2M generator but the AO map doesn't look as good.

I'd like to create an expose value where I can use one value to control the four values of a Level node Level-In High but I don't know how to get the one value to control RGBA together of the Level-In High parameters. How can I achieve this?

On a related note: Is there a way to create an Color Auto-Levels node that can be controlled via expose value? There's one for grey scale but not for color.

I'm trying to create a node graph in SD to pipeline the conversion of SBSARs I've downloaded from the Substance Source. Therefore I have the following questions ...

1. Is it possible to export the normal map with alpha channel? Even if I set the normal output to ARGB and for example export it to TGA the resulting image has no alpha channel.

2. Building on question one: Is it possible to feed another output right into an alpha input of the normal map? I need the normal map's alpha channel to receive the output of a specular node (or Metal node).

3. Is it possible to export proper DDS textures? It seems possible with SD 2017.2.3 but the diffuse map has wrong color tinting afterwards and the normal maps color looks pink. What am I doing wrong?

And an unrelated question: Is the material preview 3D model used in the Substance Source viewer somewhere available and can it be used in SD for preview?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - SD PBS Setup for Unity?
 on: November 03, 2015, 03:21:45 pm 

I was wondering what is the proper way to setup a PBS-based substance for Unity5 in Substance Designer? I'm using some of the textures from and want to create .sbar files from the textures, concrete, walls, etc. so a specular-based substance should be it.

For now I created a substance with six outs:

Albedo (baseColor)
Ambient Occlusion

Is this setup correct? Not all of the textures come with height or AO map so I just leave them empty. Also, for Unity I will have to use the nY+ normal maps, right? I'm asking because my textures end up looking dull and blurry (see screenshot).

Hi, I've bought Substance Designer 4 Indie in January and read that the 5 upgrade is free for anyone who bought after Jan. 1.

How do I upgrade this? Because on the upgrade page it only tells me to upgrade for $75?


I'm wondering if there is a best practice when assigning UV maps on 3D models that are being used as interior/exterior building parts?

For example I have a floor Mesh which is 1m x 1m and I have a floor mesh that is 1m x 2m ... how do I best scale them to be most practical for use with substances (and in a game engine like Unity in particular)?

Let's say I spread out the 1x1 floor mesh to cover the whole UV map... then the 1x2 mesh would need to cover two times the UV map height, otherwise the size would not be in relation, right?

Or would it be generally better to instead shrink down the 1x2 mesh so that it covers half the UV map horizontally?

And does it even have any effect on the final texture quality if a mesh covers less of a UV map vs. more of it?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Tatami Mat Substance
 on: January 22, 2015, 01:18:35 pm 
Here is my first Substance Designer texture ... a tatami mat. If anyone has any tips for improvement, let me know. I've just started being a texture designer.


I'm working on a shader for a Tatami mat texture and it involves a pattern that creates sort of a fine mesh as the base texture. I want to keep my substances output size-independent and so I choose to set it to follow the parent size. The substance looks OK at 1024x1024 but if I for example switch to 2048x2048 the mat looks overly dirty, please see the first two attached images.

There's some weathering effect applied by using an AO map and the look of the AO map changes drastically when I increase the output resolution (see 3. and 4. screenshot). I'm looking how this difference can be fixed or at least be minimized but so far I have been unsuccessful so I was wondering if any experienced user has some tips to address the problem?

Can somebody give me a simple example of how to build a gradient map selector (or uniform color selector) that can be picked with an exposed control?

I have a couple of gradient maps that change the toning of the diffuse map of my material and I'd like to have an exposed control where the user can choose one of the gradients.

Just started with SD a few days ago and I don't see trough it yet how to build such a selector.

I've first trialed Substance Designer for 3 days. It gave me only three days (even though on download page is stated trial is 30 days).  :(

Ok, so I bought SD Indie license today because I need it now! But there's no license listed in my user account! What went wrong? Can this be fixed quickly? Anyone available or do I have to wait until Monday?

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