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Substance Launcher tells me there are updates for Alchemist and Designer, but it won't update them.

Hi, I've been working with livelink on a project, and today for some reason the textures refused to load up in unity. I got this error message:

[Plugin - dcc-live-link] Exception ExportError: Error while decoding export options: Export preset 'Unity 5 (Standard Metallic)' not found (qrc:/js/mapexport.js line 24)

Any idea how to make it work?
Thanks a lot,

I keep getting this error more than once a day, although I did not try to login at all, Substance Launcher is running in the background, and that's it.
What's the fix?

The app also keeps notifying me that it logged itself out because the server was unreachable. Come on guys, what's happening? Seriously.

Hi, I just started my trial period.
Unfortunately, every time I try to bake mesh maps, Painter crashes.
I attached the log file, and you can find the fbx, the substance file and a screenshot in my dropbox folder:

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