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Firstly, thanks so much for putting all of this information together ... super helpful!

I'm currently reviewing PBR Part 2 ( and under the Specular/Glossiness workflow, the "Glossiness (Grayscale - Linear)" example image seems to contradict the written text; I suspect the text is correct and the image was accidentally copied from the Metalness/Roughness workflow.

Cheers and thanks again!


SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Forum Profile Display Name
 on: December 20, 2015, 08:41:02 pm 
Hey hgagne,

with 'Allegorithmic account page' I mean your account on the website (
Log in there and edit your account information. The username is the same the Forum Display name will reset to and Substance Share will use, too.

Best Regards

Hi Fabian,

Strange that the Allegorithmic account profile name is linked to the Forum when the remainder of the Forum profile doesn't appear to be linked.  Probably would be simpler in the future if all Allegorithmic areas (account, forum, share) were under a single sign-on.

In any case, I made the change ... see how it goes.

Appreciate the assistance,

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Forum Profile Display Name
 on: December 19, 2015, 09:06:47 pm 
Hey hgagne,

you can change the name on the Allegorithmic account page.

Best Regards

Hi Fabian,

Appreciate the reply; not sure I understand what you mean by Account page.

If you're referring to the Forum Profile, I do the following:
  • Select Profile
  • Under Modify Profile, select Account Settings
  • Change the Name to "hgagne" (without quotes)
  • Enter my password in Current Password
  • Click Change Profile
  • Logout
  • Delete *all* browser session history (not that it matters, since I logged out)
  • Log back in


* EDIT *

As you can see, the Name box has changed back to my email address name (minus the domain).

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Forum Profile Display Name
 on: December 19, 2015, 02:50:36 pm 
Hi Folks,

Not that it's the end-of-the world, but I keep having to change my Forum Display Name back every time I log in.  I change my display name to "hgagne" and the next time I login, it has changed back to my email address name minus the domain.


Hi Nicolas,

Appreciate the response ... sure would be helpful to have a single-on experience when the user signs in via the Allegorithmic site.  Anyway, something to keep in mind if Allegorithmic is looking for ideas to improve the site.


Hi Folks,

Is there a way to sign-in to my Allegorithmic account and have that session information carried forward to the Forum and Substance Share portal?

At the moment, I'm having to sign-in three different times ... and yes, I *always* flush ALL browser activity when exiting the browser - and I mean everything.  :)



Thanks so much for making time to clarify.   :)


Hi Nicolas,

Appreciate the reply.  :)

The symbol / color are used to identify the type of resource
- red/orange graph symbol: graph in a .sbs
- gree graph symbol: graph in a .sbsar
- blue sin: function

What would be the distinction between the graph symbol being red vs. orange?  Assume "blue sin: function" means *is either* a "sine" or a "function"?


... is there a comprehensive list documented somewhere on the Allegorithmic website?


Hi Folks,

Evaluating SD5 before purchasing the Live Suite; going through the tutorials as well as the Online User Guide.

Advance apologies if this was already answered before; I'm not entirely certain what to call the colored symbols that appear on the lower right corner of icons in the Library.

When looking at the Library (ex: PBR Materials), I noticed that the icons have (ex: Large Icon View) a lower right corner "symbol" of different colors .  For example, some show what I think means a Graph (Green or Orange) and others show what I think means a Sine Wave (Blue).

Is there an area in the guide that explains what the meaning and color of these symbols are; can't seem to find information about these "symbols" in the guide.


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