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No, it does it now. Probably just a glitch that a computer restart solved?

Substance Launcher tells me there are updates for Alchemist and Designer, but it won't update them.

Hi, I've been working with livelink on a project, and today for some reason the textures refused to load up in unity. I got this error message:

[Plugin - dcc-live-link] Exception ExportError: Error while decoding export options: Export preset 'Unity 5 (Standard Metallic)' not found (qrc:/js/mapexport.js line 24)

Any idea how to make it work?
Thanks a lot,

Hi, is there an update on this? I don't think the UDIM/texture set thing works for character texturing, so I'm kind of stuck here.

Hi, did anything happen to this? The .sp folder is nowhere to be found on a Mac, not even when I set hidden files to be visible.

I keep getting this error more than once a day, although I did not try to login at all, Substance Launcher is running in the background, and that's it.
What's the fix?

The app also keeps notifying me that it logged itself out because the server was unreachable. Come on guys, what's happening? Seriously.

So you're selling a software for Mac that is not optimised for Macs, and it's Apple's fault, so Mac users should just switch to Windows, or buy a new computer. If that comes from Adobe, I'm not surprised, but if that comes from the Allegorithmic team, well guys, you are on the right track to become a company just as shitty as your master.

OK, so I disabled the live preview on the baking process and it seems to have solved the problem.
I'm still concerned about the fact that it doesn't detect my video card, though. And again, this is a feature in the software that clearly doesn't work, so I still want some answers. Let's see if the email team can make the tech team work. I doubt it, but hope dies last.

no, because that page says "For Technical and Workflow questions and support about the software, you should post your question on our forum, where our team will help you.", but I'm gonna write now because this is ridiculous, especially with Adobe's resources.

If you bake a basic cube and use the lowest resolution setting possible and no AA, plus bake low as high does it still crash?
—Yes it does. Basically the moment it starts to bake I get the beachball icon, and in a few seconds, it crashes.

I'm not a Mac guy. Do you have the latest video drivers installed?
—There is no such thing on a Mac. All drivers come with the OS updates. Plus, since last year, there is no CUDA driver support.

Is there a setting in MacOS to tell it to use the 780M?
—I found no setting in Painter that would allow me to do that.

This sentence from another forum from last year, coming from an Allegorithmic staff is rather sinister, though.
As answered in this thread, tesselation in Designer on MacOS is coming, but it probably won't be soon. On the other hand, we don't have plans for using Metal at this point.

Do you actually have Mac support? Because I've been waiting for help for 3 days now, my trial period is getting shorter without me being able to use the software, and if support is this unreliable, I'm not sure if I want to switch to a paid subscription at the end of the month.

Will tech support be this ignorant once I start paying for the subscription as well?

Tried with version 2019.2.2, same results.

Hi, I just started my trial period.
Unfortunately, every time I try to bake mesh maps, Painter crashes.
I attached the log file, and you can find the fbx, the substance file and a screenshot in my dropbox folder:

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