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Hi, thanks for the feedback! We made some modifications on the files to optimize them, it should be better now.
The materials are still quite heavy, however performances should be better. Can you please give it a try to see how it goes?

Regarding the point you mentionned about the "default map size of 4096" : it's only a parameter for preview (the "Parent Size" one) in Substance Designer and will not affect performances in Substance Painter.
It's a quick way to generate the material at the desired resolution in Substance Designer without having to set an absolute one (that would have an impact everywhere as it would be static).
However the resolution of your "Texture Set" in Substance Painter will have an impact on the computation time of the material (in case you use it in a fill layer for example).


Unfortunately we don't handle EXIF in Substance Designer as we only transfer images from one node to another.
Depending on the kind of manipulation you want to do, you can imagine to get them before processing images and then reinject the EXIF data in images (= outputs) generated from SD.
By getting some parameters values (for example the crop size) you can imagine to transpose it in the new EXIF.

Feel free to let us know (I'm also in contact with Maxime, he sent me an email/the forum thread link) if you have more details/a usecase example.


A good way to try a material is to open it in Substance Player to get a quick preview (by opnening the sbsar file).  :)

The "Pattern" group is there in case you want to use a custom image input for the fabric pattern.
By enabling "Custom Pattern" boolean (and "Grayscale" if you use a grayscale image input), you'll be enable to use it in the material (based on the "Custom Pattern" you used in the dedicated input).
If you don't enable the "Grayscale" pattern option, you'll have the possibility to pick colors (using the "Pick Color X" parameters) in order to define areas in your bitmap you want to colorize.
In Substance Player, you can imagine to visualize the "Custom Pattern Preview" output, and pick colors based on it. Then, the "Pattern Color X" parameters will allow you to define new colors. "Variation Chroma/Luma" will allow you to play with the tolerance of the masking and get something more adapted based on your Custom Pattern input.


Content - Substance Source - Re: No source (sbs) files?
 on: March 16, 2018, 10:19:28 am 
Hi, we provide sbs files for procedural textures, however we don't for scanned assets (as they basically just embed bitmaps + some parameters), that's the reason they're not available for the materials you mentionned  :)

Content - Substance Source - Re: tiling issue
 on: March 09, 2018, 06:42:10 pm 
Hi, it should be fixed now, let us know if you still have trouble after having downloaded it again. Thanks!


1. The size is something we need to display (and will for sure :) ) on Source website , for now there is no way (except by downloading and looking into the sbs file for example) to know if this information is available on a material or not. It's something we started to add in April 2017 (just after the feature was added to SD).

2. The scale/size of a material is only an additional information, we however handle it in the MDL materials to scale it automatically if the "Physical Size" option is enabled, however it will not take into account your mesh UVs for example.
Also, as the amount of bricks you choose can have an impact on it, it's difficult to define an absolute scale for a material (because you can imagine to totally change it in some cases).

It's something that is included in the last sbs/sbsar files on Substance Source but not necessary all of them for now (not sure it's available on "Brick Bond Variation" as the feature was not available in Substance Designer at the time the material was created).
But we're planning to support it on all substances and make it more visible for users directly on Source website. :)
Regarding this specific material, you will be able to specify the bricks amount on both axis, so you imagine to have different scales (/bricks amount).


All Source materials are compatible with both workflows. By looking at the "Channels" group in the substance material, you'll notice you have access to the outputs to enable/disable them.
This way you can use BaseColor/Metallic/Roughness (the ones we enabled by default) or Diffuse/Specular/Glossiness depending on what you prefer.

By using different random seed you'll notice some generated versions contains less repetitive patterns. Also, in some cases, parameters used can have an impact on this side (I know we have a few on this kind of wood material).
Regarding the way to deal with it, it's a common issue in Texturing (not Source specific).
A classic technique is to generate several versions of the material (2 can be enough) and to blend them using a mask (that can be a procedurally generated in a 3D application or a "classic" grayscale texture).

As it seems you use UE4, here is a link that can show you how to deal with it:

It must be due to an image input that is empty (no image).
Based on the options you enabled in B2M, you have access to a "Main Input", "Relief" input, "Grunge", etc. Here it seems one is enabled but not used.
The solution is to check the image inputs you can see in the B2M properties and which one is empty.

Content - Substance Source - Re: Bad guy
 on: January 23, 2018, 02:10:18 pm 
Hi, just to be sure (as you posted in "Substance Source" category), are you talking about Substance Share or Substance Source? Thanks

Hi, thanks for the feedback, it should be fixed now.
Can you please try to download it again and let us know if it's ok? Thanks!

Hi, you can get some more details about it by looking at the example files provided with SAT.
They should be located in "C:\Users\XXX\Documents\Allegorithmic\Substance Automation Toolkit".

Here is a command example (let us know if you still have troubles):
Code: [Select]
sbsrender.exe render --inputs "c:\my_file.sbsar" --set-entry my_input_name@"c:\my_image.png" --output-path "c:\results"

Substance files have the same possibilities/limitations (and mapping modes) than bitmaps; this mapping is only available for 3ds Max 3D noises, it's not something you can do using substance files (that generate 2D images in the end).
So it's indeed a technical constraint as the technique is completely different.
Regarding the "Planar from Object XYZ" it can be useful for tri planar projection (and maybe a way to achieve what you want using a custom shader network?).

Substance default package should refer -in the context of Batchtools, not sure for this specific script even if Julien (werwack) sent it to me some time ago- to Substance Designer packages path :
"C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer\resources\packages" (depending on the version of SD you use)

A good way to have more details about it specifically would be to ask for information on the dedicated Share page for example (I'll however check with him to provide you with more details if necessary) :


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