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It is not possible at the moment for us to put .sbs files for scanned data available to download, not because they are top secret but because they are very large files and it would slow down considerably the experience for users with a slower internet connection.

However we are aware this is a problem and are looking for a solution to make this possible for everyone!


Could you please send the same email to so I can try to find what causes this issue?

Sorry about that!

Hi Kelvintamkt,

It looks like this is caused by a bug, these materials are not yet available to the public...
If you can wait a bit more you will be able to download them.

Sorry about that and all the best,

Hi 3dcontacts!

On February Wes made a tutorial on how to process fabric scans in Substance Designer as the Source team does.
It is really well made and you will be able to produce hybrid materials with your own scans in no time!

(the video starts at 0:19 as it was a live video)

Hi Jason.Dalton, CodeyLC, Tensitz, onepixeldeep

Could you please email with info on the browser you use and its version and if you have seen a particular message in the console of your browser while trying to login?
I would also need to know how many special caracters you use in your password, and would rather not talk about that on the forum :)

I'll try to find where this problem is coming from, and why it is only happenning on the Substance Source platform!

Thank you

Hi Jeff,

From what I can see in your account, the 30 downloads were added to your account, and the website is not down so there should be no reason for it to not be working.
However, it can sometimes take some time for the downloads to be credited to your account. Have you been able to try again more recently?

If it still does not work, could you please let me know which OS, browser, and browser version you are using?

Thanks a lot !

Hi DanTsukasa,

There are two reasons why the sbs files are not available for these materials:
There are either procedural materials licenced by, for which we only had the ability to give access to the sbsar (which is the case for the stylized materials you mentionned), or are bitmap based as you had guessed, either produced by RDT or by Allegorithmic.

All the procedural materials from Allegorithmic have the sbs available (Which is the case for "Solar Panel" which you seemed to be looking for).

Hope this helps answer your question!

Content - Substance Source - Re: Removed substances?
 on: April 05, 2018, 09:53:16 am 
Hi Bjorn,

No, you are not loosing your marbles!
We are in the process of replacing third-parties materials by ones produced by Allegorithmic which will have more tweakable parameters and will be physically based.
The ones which were removed stay accessible only to the people who had downloaded them before that.

You'll see some materials of that type in the future on Source

Hi DanTsukasa,

The search has been modified, and as an unfortunate consequence it has removed the ability to search by type of file available. Regrettably at the moment there is no other way to do this filtering.

We plan to add back this feature asap, sorry about the trouble this causes you!

Regarding your other point, could you please give me an example of some of those materials for which you'd like the sbs?

Hi Martyl, Rod_ross

We have made modifications on the website recently and for a few hours some materials which were not available anymore were made visible by mistake. It has been fixed, but you won't be able to see them anymore.

Sorry about the trouble!

Hi onepixeldee,

We changed the technology behind the Substance Source website, in order to be able to add more features more quickly in the future as we are working hard on improving it so you have the best experience as possible!

Do not worry we will put back this feature soon, it is not gone forever  ;)

Content - Substance Source - Re: New Materials?
 on: March 26, 2018, 10:57:15 am 
Hi Dancjm,

We try to release materials at least once a month,
Stay tuned you'll see some new ones very soon  ;)


Hi Carterpurify,

The 100 free materials are available to Unreal Studio users.
The 25 free ones shown on the blogpost you mentionned are available for "regular" Unreal Engine users with the latest version of the Substance plugin for UE4.

I hope this answers your question !

I might be too optimistic asking this, but if I submit my MAT as a student, and it is really really good, could I still be eligible to win the prizes of the non-student first place?

If you submit MAT as a student you will only compete for the student prize.
But if you want you can compete for the "regular" top-three, without ticking the student checkbox, but you won't be in the competition for the student prize.

The file on Substance Share was changed back to an fbx, it should work better now.

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