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Aaaah oh well that explains it :)
It's working for the most part, just has hiccups like this one.

Can you give a a rough estimation about when the Asset might get updated?
We'd love to add substances in the future.

Hi there,
I'm sure it's just a basic setting we are using wrong, i tried out the "Rock_Ground" substance from your tutorials, and habe the same problem as with my own self-made substance.
We're using Unity 2020.2.7f1 and the Shader is URP/Lit

So there is the option to link the height map and adjusting it, but after doing that and leaving the inspector, the height map setting isn't saved and shown as disconnected, what do we need to change? The rest is all fine, it's only the height map that's behaving weirdly.

Hey there!
I'm relatively new to SD and already have a question I can't seem to find answers for.

When I export a Substance to Unity (using the Asset from the Asset Store), the Material is presented, missing the Height Map.

We stumbled over the checkmark. At least something ;)
If i click on "Generate all outputs", it generates all the maps, but every time I manually assign the height map to the material, it resets it afterwards - and the material is once again without a linked height map.

How can we save/apply the height texture?

Thanks in advance!

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