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i have PBR textures already, i just want to make them tilable, when i put my albedo, all maps are generated, The problem is i already have normal and other maps for my material, i want to load them instead of b2m generates for me, This way tiling will be perfect, as generated normal map are worst then i own , how to fix this...

I just want to know that B2M output sizes like i import a 4k texture and set my output to 512X512 px, So B2M set my ouput by scaling or by cropping ?

I want to know whether it will distort my pixels or not  OR what is the principle of b2m to set output sizes......

Its a common problem with scaling images to lower or bigger sizes , Most of softwares do it by either scaling or cropping, Scaling always distorts original pixels while cropping cuts or add area to texture , How B2m Handles this situation.....

I had substance 1-Year Student License, The Problem is when i create layers and paint my model it looks superfine, i do save my work, but later when i reload my file, it has its textures but layers Tab is empty...My layers are lost while details remains the same.

Do i have to bake again each time i reload? or any possible solution, Kindly help me....

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