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Ok first go at texturing one of my models in this. Still needs more work and using this it made me realise my UVs are not the best guess I should start doing them manually instead of using Unwrap 3d.

Link to a 3d view of the model but it does not support any kind of displacement. :(


I have a quick question. In the 3d View the closer you are to a mesh the smaller the texture is that you are trying to apply.

Is there a way to this in the 2d View as well? as at the moment when I zoom in closer it stays the same size.


Ok I am trying to import a substance into painter but when it imports it does not bring in the diffuse layer correctly its like its transparent or something.

I have tested this substance in other software like Unity and it appears fine. It is a substance I created from scratch.

I guess I am doing something wrong as I am very new to all this :)

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