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my workflow:
making cloth in Marvelous Designer, import as selected OBJ into Blender, make UDIM UV's / remes UV's, export as FBX, and im now 5 min in Substance painter added 10 EPIC !
can you shortly tell me what is the different between FBX and OBJ specially in Substandce painter ? what information is given for or missing to make this different ?! just the color information ?
at all, this helped me, i htink further work it never crash, i will respond if its start again, but at this moment i hink we solved it :D

log file attached, i changed he settings you linked above, nohing changed.
i also have same problem with blender, i use this 3-5 min it crashes, the log files there i see nothing wrong...
thanks for fast responde

is the 2070 super also good for this software ?
i have big issues using substance painter (&blender) i have 32RAM and the 9 3900x, - Marvelous Designer, Unreal Engine, After Effec (4k) new Games all work perfectly, just painter and blender i use 2 min and they crash ?
can anyone help me ?
i use nvidia studio driver, 2 hours ago i refreshed windows and all drivers...but still have same problem, i canno use this two programs longer as 2-3 minutes cause hard crash problems...please help me. is there a RTX fix or something i miss ?

i installed Substance Painter 30 Days trial to become a feeling of this awesome announced Software.
but after installing, adding new file OBJ at the very first click on to paint it crash with black screen changes with white screen, 2 seconds. boom.

i updated al ldrivers, restart it serveral times, tried other version, but nothing helped.
my specs are RTX 2070super, Ryzen 9 3900x, 32GB RAM, win 10 - 64 bit, on a x570 ultra me

Hey, i have almost same problem.
i start new project, add file and start picking a color. the very first click on my OBJ to paint is crash, black screen and jump out of substance painter, i only see the launcher after that !?
when i try this again, is same result. im not able to use substance painter, please help, would like to buy this. but before i need to use it. thanks all
EDIT: i tried a Sample ( Toad) for example, i paint 3 short streakes to test the stability, but after this 3 small lines it keeps crashing...HELP HELP

my specs are:
 10 64bit
32GB Ram
x9 3900
x579 Ultra
2070 RTX Super ?!

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