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Renders are made within Designer, with iRay :)
thanks for your feedback, i will make a test here with the information you provided and will be back with results.


Hello Gary,
sorry to hear that, would you mind about provide at least a comparative pics ?
Just to try to figure where could be the problem :)

Thanks you

I opened your sbs and found the same visual issue inside Designer between CPU and GPU engines mode.
I guess you are working with the CPU engine, you can check it by clicking tools menu/switch engine or press F9
You should work in GPU (2 on picture) cause few nodes like "edge_detect" (present in your graph) doesn't behave the same way in CPU.

Marmoset use Substance GPU engine, that is why it is not working ;)

Hope it helps

Hi Jean-Bastien,
for differents reasons, some nodes like "edge_detect" can radically see their aspect change with resolution changes.
But you would see it in designer too...
We would have to see your graph for detect where your problem come from because it is really strange ;D.
Or at least, your sbsar for testing on our side.



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