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Of course I would solve my own problem right after posting about it, but I'm going to leave this up just in case someone else runs into the same issue. So after all of that above, I went back and did the following, and it worked:

  • Close Substance Painter
  • Manually delete the problem preset(s) from your shelf folder in Documents.
  • Create YOUR OWN, NEW location for the shelf, that is NOT in your Windows documents folder. Mine was "D:\SPShelf"
  • Reopen Substance Painter and add/set that location as your default shelf folder.
  • Re-create your presets at the new location. You should be able to modify them normally now.

My mistake was thinking after moving the default folder that I'd be able to modify/remove the presets I'd been having trouble with before. Instead, all it did was continue trying to access the file in the original location, so you have to remove them manually and recreate any presets in the new location. You can probably copy the files over to the new location, but I recreated mine to be on the safe side.

Hello! I am a new user of SP, but ran across an issue that I've been unable to solve. I've seen a bit of talk about it, but nothing I've tried has resolved the issue. I get the same error no matter what.

Nutshell: I'm trying to create a custom export preset. It allows me to create an entry for a preset, but then spits out the following errors whenever I try to actually add export settings to it, or even attempt to delete the entry itself:

[Shelf agent] Failed to save updated preset 'Tester': The default shelf 'shelf' is only available in read mode because you don't have write permission on it.
[Shelf agent] Export preset cannot be deleted: The default shelf 'shelf' is only available in read mode because you don't have write permission on it.

I'm running on a Windows 10 64b machine, purchased and installed through Steam. I was able to add smart materials, but have not been able to edit/add export presets no matter what I try. I've attempted the following to fix it:

  • Restarting the program
  • Restarting the computer
  • Moving the default shelf folder
  • Clean reinstall of Substance Painter
  • Running Substance Painter as admin
  • Manually setting folder permissions
  • Disabling my antivirus
  • Adding exceptions for Substance Painter to my antivirus
  • Completely uninstalling my antivirus
  • Completely disabling Windows Defender antivirus
  • Performing a repair install of Windows on my computer
  • Creating the preset on a new user account on the computer
  • Ensured there were no other lurking antiviruses on my computer
  • Adding 'Authorized Users' to full permissions groups on the folder
  • Adding 'Authorized Users' to full permissions groups on the whole Documents folder
  • Moving the shelf folder to the default install location in the SteamApps folder.

I'm kind of at my wit's end, and I'm generally a computer-savvy person. If anyone has something to try that I haven't listed here, or heck, even a different way to try something I have listed, please let me know. You will be my hero if it works.

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