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I will check to see what our roadmap will be. This does make it very difficult to package your game. I understand where you are coming from as I'm not a c++ coder and its difficult if I want to use Substance with a blueprint only project.



Thanks Wes. For a couple of months as a work around we were outputting our Substances as bitmaps and assembling them in the Material Editor in UE4. This was often the only way we could work with SD/SP and UE4 also because of the uncertainty surrounding the UE4 plugin and when Allegorithmic would release an update following Epic pushing out a new point release.

As VR developers we have to test often where things are in game and that requires that we "Launch" the environment. At the moment we have someone who has taken on the responsibility of folding the Substance, Wwise, Ikinema plugins into our build, but I can see this stopping uptake of Substance into the game dev pipeline regarding UE4 if it's not resolved as Blueprint's "only" development is one of the big selling points of UE4.

Please escalate this and at least find out if it's something that might have a resolution in the near future or if this will be a permanent issue.

For us at least there are serious considerations to take into account if we are distributing our game with .sbsar's or with bitmaps.

I create a Substance using B2M 3.0.1, save it and Export with Dependencies.

Copy the Substance to another drive of another user and copy to our SVN.

Try to open the .sbs from the local drive first and get the message "Do you want to specify a new location for 'sbs://Bitmap2Material_3_UE4.sbsar'?"

If I click no, I get a Ghost Graph.

If I click yes, I have to go to the Program Files/ and point to the B2M UE4 node and save the graph.

It then remembers the path and on subsequent openings the .sbs opens correctly.

Same with working from SVN version.

This is a rather huge problem because it means we would have to "repair" about 1500 Substances for 6 different users - well we can't do this 9,000 times.

Substance Integrations - UE4 - Re: 4.5.1 SD Plugin for UE4
 on: October 28, 2014, 08:43:37 pm 
Hi unity2k,

We are working on a new plugin version, but the current zip file is compatible with 4.5.1 as well.

While Substance works in UE4 Editor, it crashes UE4 upon trying launch.

Substance Integrations - UE4 - 4.5.1 SD Plugin for UE4
 on: October 28, 2014, 07:12:06 pm 
Josh, please update the SD integration for UE4. Epic released 4.5.1 and stupid me updated, problem is there is no backing out of this version down to 4.5.0

Substance Integrations - UE4 - SD UE4 Plugin Requirements
 on: October 28, 2014, 06:51:31 pm 
Yesterday Wes demonstrated the "simple" dropping of the UE4/SD plugin into an Unreal Project as though it were so simple, neglecting to point out that the user must work with a Basic Code template and have Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop installed.

Well I don't have to do this for Speedtree, when will we see a simpler implementation of the Substance Plugin that doesn't require VSE and the need for new a new plugin every time Epic updates to a new point release?

Yes, in the meantime, you can also drag and drop it from the Library to the Explorer.

Which is just fine.....Designer must have had a bug in its ass from being worked so hard :)

The main issue with this is that substances may be designed for different types of shaders, some of them custom, and we can't know which shader to use to render them.

You can't see if we built a Substance with a particular shader? If I'm using the PBR Metal/Roughness for assembling all of my Substances, I'd love for SD to use it as a default, better yet, let me choose the shader next to the Icon so I can stipulate how Icons are shaded as they auto-generate when I go to save, publish, or export.

I cannot double click an .sbs file in Library view and have it open in Explorer.

But I CAN double click the same file from a Windows Explorer and have that .sbs file open in the SD Explorer.

Instead of me having to right click the Substance in Designer and click the file location which launches a Windows Explorer so I can double click the .sbs and have it open in the Designer Explorer, I'd like the easier more logical ability to just double click the .sbs in Library and have it appear in the Designer Explorer.

I have to wonder out loud why Allegorithmic isn't generating an Icon automatically from the 3D view instead of generating a thumbnail from the unrendered Graph?

As the Library grows the time to open Folders and Filters slows. Couldn't this be in part fixed by automatically assigning Icons to the Substances - they would HAVE to be created from the 3D View though!

Telling you, you guys need a Trello board!

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Feature Requests - Explorer Request
 on: October 17, 2014, 08:16:12 pm 
In the Explorer dialog I have the opportunity to Save, Save and Open in Player, and Publish.

I would like this bar to be configurable so I can have it offer the option to Save As, Export with Dependencies, and Publish

+1, like this idea.

+1 from me also. Maybe it's time for a Trello board like Epic is maintaining for UE4?

In the Parameters window we have the option to select an Icon, it would be great if you guys had the option to generate the Icon right next to the "Select Icon" button. I'm asking for this because the auto-thumbnail on the Substances I'm creating from bitmaps are frequently too poor for my team to get a good idea of the true quality of the texture.

The attached screencap shows bitmap named ConcreteBase0309 as thumbnail, in 3D view, and in 2D view.....only the 3D View is of a quality that can be used.

I've requested it elsewhere, but I need to add my voice here too.

My personal request is for the PBR pipeline to allow me to see Displacement/Normal Height using Tessellation in the PBR shaders.

One of my employees votes for Opacity channel viewer

Hey Josh thanks for the instructions I was able to load 4.5 just fine using your last post.

Since I had to make a new basic code project and I don't code, none of my projects are made with the basic code template, transferring all the assets into a basic code project would be quite annoying. Is it possible to install the plug in into the UE4 engine folder so I don't have to install it every time I make a new project?

And what about other users in the office? Do we have to set this up in the same manner for all UE4 engineers?

Will this method always be the case?

Will all users working with UE4 who want to integrate Substance be forced to work with this process?

If I don't have to do this for Oculus, Speedtree, or other plugins, why for Substance?

I need Substance to not ONLY work in the Editor, it HAS to work in game too!

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