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+1 Find myself switching over to Max\3d Coat way too often for the intensive painting tasks just because of my 3d connexion spaceMouse. Simply gives a ton more control over my brush as well.  ;D

first off great product! I understand that this is a very early release, so there are a lot of small things which will need to get ironed out. Here is one such item I stumbled upon today, which seems to simply be a feature which wasn't thought out correctly....  :P

I have been having major trouble quickly changing my material color e.g. "Skin Color" in the "skin facial hair" substance with the color picker provided in the color dialog field. The sampler (unlike the handy color picker from the menu) does not pick the material color or even the base color but pickes the screens display color on that pixel. This is sadly influenced by the tool alpha display, as well as my cursor! (So I need to change my Flow to zero in order to get a remotely correct result) Also the SUPER useful copy and paste options from the Color Editor in Substance Designer are missing... so I cannot even copy the color from the color picker result into the substance node material! I have had to resort to copy and pasting the hex code in order to get the color from the mesh.  :-X

as a side note it would also be really usefull to be able to set what channels the color picker is picking from. Especially when painting skin textures I tend to resample the color often, and when I have to turn off the height channel every time it simply is a ton of needless button pressing.

cheers and good luck!  :D

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