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I recently update my substance designer from 10.1 to 2021 steam version, I notice the new version of substance designer became very slow, it struggles to do the basic thing. I tried to reinstall, and change setting in the NVIDIA control panel, update Nvidia drivers. but still couldn't solve the issue, could you please help me?

here is some more information that might help.
  • When I open SD 10.1 and do nothing (not even open project), the CPU usage is around 15%, but when I open SD 2021, the CPU usage is 0%.
  • I'm running SD on a laptop, i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHZ, 32GB, RTX 2060 mobile
  • I experienced the same problem in SD 2020, so I suspect it might have something to do with the new Substance Engine V8
  • there are a lot of thumbnails in the library that are missing in my SD 2021.

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