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some of our artists are baking in substance now (sweet) we cant find a way to access those baked textures though. please add an export feature for textures in substance. our work around right now is time consuming, please add a export texture option.

thanks substance folks! program rules!!!

We're using the preset Unity 5 Standard Metallic for export.

When we bring our textures into unity 5, it seems like our alpha channel *roughness from substance* is flipped. Our R channel *metallic from substance* dosen't seem correct either?

can anyone explain if they've got similar issues, have fixed this...this is driving me nuts. i want what i see in substance to be the same as in unity. going crazy over here trying to get this to work.

really appreciate any help on this.


our art team has been telling me when they try to reload a texture, it seems like its not doing anything. i've been seeing this too. i'll save something in photoshop or something, reload and nothing happens. if i re-drag the texture in it seems to update.

are we doing something wrong?

We're using Tif format for our game, right now we're having to export as tga, then resave as tif in photoshop. either we're all doing something wrong or this isn't correct? love a fix for this substance guys!

I have to texture a barrel at work today, it has many straight lines...i cant for the life of me get straight lines. PLEASE add a line tool! or even...Shift+LMB would work (like in photoshop)

i constantly have to create exact hard lines at sharp angles for the hard surface texturing i have to do. this would be a life saver.

LOVE to have marquee selections too! circle shape, rectangular and lasso i could do a ton with those tools.

thanks for listening!

I'm not sure if i'm missing anything but i cant for the life of me find a way to delete textures i'm not using anymore in substance. I tried the Clean command, that did a little cleaning, i still have left over stuff.

i just wanna press Delete or RMB (remove)

please add substance guys.

LOVE your program btw. LOVE it!

This has happened to me twice now. I tried painting on my character, my brush size is at maximum, in the viewport the brush appears to be about 1x1 pixel. If i move the cursor to the 2d view the brush is HUGE. WTH? happened to me a few times now, firugred i should ask on here and hope someone knows whats causing this.

sucks. i am currently and blocked and cant work. help please!

Dont get me wrong, i LOVE this feature about substance. i rarely need this on though. more often than not i'm trying to paint out a corner of some uv shell and its bleeding into something i dont want it painting on to. very annoying. PLEASE tell me we can disable this.


I finally tracked down pressing P should color pick. when i do that, my screen goes black (seems like a bug) am i missing something here?

We're creating a library at work of smart materials. i cant for the life of me find how i export/share these so our other artists can use.

Appreciate any info on this.


My art director was just talking to me about a demo he saw from the substance guys. He said they demo'd a character from maya with no baked maps. He then told me that they started dragging on smart materials and was able to add the wear and tear using the Generators.

From my experience with substance so far, i cant get any of those edge wear generators to work with out baked maps. My AD says thats what they demonstrated.

to me, this seems incorrect. dont you have to have at least a normal map to get the generators going?

really appreciate some clarification on this.


we just got substance painter at work (LOVE IT) but...i'm really confused how the hell you turn the symmetry line off? there MUST be a way to do this right?

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