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I really can't believe you were so foolish as to sell your company.

Around the 2000's Blockbuster nearly purchased Netflix. Had they done so, Netflix would never have become the juggernaut it is today.

You could have been the Netflix of the texturing world. Instead, you're just going to be another bootnote; another entry on the Wikipedia list of companies bought and killed off by Adobe.

Anyway, all I care about is, how do I convert my perpetual licenses into one where I don't have to rely on the activation servers that will inevitably be closed off?

Just for the record... Works like a charm!

Could you advise if a GTX1050 Ti would be suitable for basic work with Painter and Designer? I need a cheap card to tide my over for a few months but if it flat out won't run SP then there's no point wasting the money.


It's possible to do this with baking in Blender, either with Cycles or with the internal renderer. I figured it out with the help of this tutorial: - I also found this tutorial very useful, but I had to pay very close attention as its in French which unfortunately I don't speak:

There was another tutorial that a found a few months ago that spelled it out in detail but for the life of me I can't find it.

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