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Currently we're on a yearly Pro license, but it doesn't seem to be possible to buy a yearly Pro license with our Adobe Team account - only the monthly option is available. I wrote with the Adobe support chat (who sent me to specialists apparently in India...) - and they told me that it's not possible for us to subscribe to the yearly option again - unless we cancel the whole current Adobe team account and to purchase [sic]  a new contract.

I'm not sure if they're serious - is it really possible that simple purchase of a yearly license is not possible? Can the "old" Ex-Allegorithmic support somehow help with this issue? For me this would mean that I'd need to cancel the account for the whole team (of non Substance users) or pay ca. 200.- more every year because monthly billing is more expensive.

There won't be any solution. The issue is that any application that do cloud backup run concurrently with other software and can create conflicts like read/write protecting a file it is currently uploading/syncing and not letting the main application (like Substance Painter) working properly. I have other software who crash/stop working because Dropbox lock some temp files for example. So it's not only a Substance Painter issue.

This cannot be fixed by us because this is dependent on the speed of the system, cloud backup software and the hardware.
I'm using Google Drive to sync between the computer at work and the one at the home office, and it doesn't seem to be a problem for MODO, Blender, Photoshop, PureRef and so on. No problems there. Only Adobe Substance Painter is preventing me from saving files to a Google Drive File Stream folder.

Currently my workaround is my private Synology cloud drive, where it works - without any problems - but which is a bad solution because it splits the project folder of whatever I'm working on - having all files except Substance Painter files on Google Drive, and the Substance Painter files on Cloud Drive.

Sadly it's not possible to save to Google Drive File Stream or Backup & Sync. And Adobe does not want to change this, see the link below.

This is mindboggling when thinking about how work changed recently - I'm switching a lot between working in the office and at home - depending on how the city handles the covid situation at the given time. And Adobe apparently thinks that ... moving files around by hand is the way to go :(.

We have the same problem, and I think the "known issue" does not cover this. Google Drive File Stream is not a backup software, but a sync software. The article clearly mentions "Cloud Backup Software" which is something different.

It actually worked on Google Backup & Sync (the backup software), but does not with Drive File Stream. Its a major issue in my workflow - because having to save it outside and then move it to the drive every time I switch computers (so from home office to the company office) welcomes human error.

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