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I havent transitioned to adobe, and on indie sub till november 29. Last june 29th i am supposed to get another 30 points of substance, but at substance 3d assets it didnt add any points. and substance launcher no longer showing points. Help!

Hello.First time writing and sad to know the forum is closing. anyway, if i dont move to adobe, and spent alll my points in substance source, will i still have access to substance source and my materials, now and in the future?
do i have to use adobe assets to access my materials now, or can i still use the substance launcher?

Secondly regarding the refund, if I transition to adobe substance, and just purchase a month of adobe sub, and then cancel it if i dont like it, do i still get to keep the remaining refunds amount (my substance indie subscription is until november 29 2021). Or am i forced to take the refunded money and subscribe to adobe for the remaining sub days?


Purchase an Adobe Substance 3D Collection or Texturing plan on
Download your invoice
Log into your Substance account and %u201CCancel subscription%u201D in the %u201CSubscription%u201D section.
Download your latest invoice on the %u201CBilling%u201D section of your Substance account
Send an email to with both your Adobe invoice and your Allegorithmic invoice attached.
The pro-rated amount of your annual subscription will be refunded to your original method of payment within 10 business days.

do i have to subscribe to the yearly or monthly of adobe 3d substance to get my refund? its not stated

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