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@korindian77 I believe this coincide with when the backend for the subscription on the Substance side will stop.
Perpetual licenses purchased under Substance will of course remain no matter what.

Hi Jeremie,

Thanks for responding, but since you didn't answer the question of why we won't be able to transfer points to an Adobe account without a subscription, I'm assuming it's a business decision. That's fine, although I don't feel that Allegorithmic would have made such a decision before being under Adobe.

However, for my situation, two things remain unclear:

1. Will those who subscribe to the "Substance 3D Texturing" plan be able to transfer their existing Substance points to their Adobe accounts? Or is it limited to those who subscribe to the "Substance 3D Collection" plan?

2. Let's say I am able to transfer points to my Adobe account while subscribed to the "Substance 3D Texturing" plan. I subscribe for a few months, unsubscribe for a few months, and then re-subscribe. Will I lose any of those points? Do I need to maintain an active subscription at all times in order to keep points?

Wait, the points have an expiry date if we don't have a subscription?

I was planning on purchasing perpetual versions on Steam today because of the current sale. I was thinking of staying in the Substance ecosystem mainly because I have a lot of source points from the Substance Database days, but if the points will expire, I need to rethink my decision.

Why can't you just keep our points using our current Substance login?

If it's because you want to eventually deprecate the old Substance logins, then why can't we just transfer points to an Adobe account, even if we don't have a subscription?

Thanks for listening.

Awesome. Thanks for being responsive!

I appreciate the response. I've PM'd you the .sbs file.

In that substance, I did not specify any of the four outputs as baseColor in Substance Designer because none of them were being used as a baseColor (albedo) in that substance. I have my own various masks packed into RGBA channels, and combining them with other not-included substance graphs' outputs in the shader, I'm creating the values that I need. Therefore I have no baseColor map in the substance I sent you, but I would still like to be able to set RAW compression for the outputs, so I can bake uncompressed textures. If I don't assign a usage to the outputs, or if I choose "any" for the outputs, I get the Alpha8 problem.

If I set all the outputs to baseColor, even if they are not being used in that way, I can change the compression to RAW and not have the Alpha8 problem. This seems counterintuitive to me.

Why does there need to be a baseColor map in HDRP, if I'm not using any of the built-in HDRP Lit shaders, but am creating my own shaders using Unity's Shader Graph? With my use case, I don't use the HDRP material nor the "mask" output generated by Substance in Unity.

It would be great if we can set an output in Substance Designer, see that output within the substance in Unity, and set sRGB and RAW individually for every texture without needing everything to conform to the built-in HDRP shaders. Nothing needs to be mandatory in HDRP if I'm not using the built-in shaders.

At least there is a workaround by setting all non-normal maps to baseColor in order to get RAW to work, even if they're just separate noises packed into the channels, and I thank the developer for pointing that out.

Also, please note that the apply/revert popup still comes up after changing the compression, applying, and then clicking on one of the generated textures, and clicking apply or revert does the opposite of what the buttons say. Applying reverts the compression change, and reverting keeps the new compression setting.

I've sent you a PM with a link to a substance archive that has the Alpha8 RAW problem, but this happens with any substance archive I use.

Here are the versions where this issue occurs, as reported in this thread.

Unity 2019.3.0f4, HDRP 7.1.7, Substance 2.4.3
Unity 2020.1.0b7, HDRP 9.0.0, Substance 2.4.5
Unity 2020.1.3f1, HDRP 9.0.0-preview.54, Substance 2.5.2
Unity 2020.1.12f1, HDRP 9.0.0-preview.77, Substance 2.5.3
Unity 2020.2.0f1, HDRP 10.2.2, Substance 2.5.4

This is not related to my project, as I've just created a new empty project with 2020.2.0f1, HDRP 10.2.2, Substance 2.5.4, and imported several substance archives. All of them turn non-normal map textures into Alpha8 when Compression is set to RAW.

Hi, hoping that since it's been a month, this issue will be fixed soon? Thanks.

After another week, bumping this thread for confirmation that this bug is being looked into, thanks.

Can I get a confirmation that the issue is still unaddressed and will be addressed, please?

Yes, the post above yours has the Unity and Substance plugin version info that I verified with. Previous posts in this thread  listed other versions where it was also not working.

While the duplicated inspector bug was fixed with the latest 2.5.3 release (thank you for that), the HDRP Alpha8 UNorm issue when setting Substance compression to RAW still hasn't been addressed.

Unity 2020.1.12f1, HDRP version 9.0.0-preview.77,  and Substance plugin 2.5.3.

This issues has been there for many Unity, many HDRP, and many Substance versions.

Can this please, please, please, please be fixed in the next version??? I've been reporting on this bug consistently for almost a year now. Please see the history in this thread. Thanks.

Any update on the following issues?

Unity HDRP Alpha8 UNorm issue when setting Substance compression to RAW, which means we can't have textures without compression, and which also means we can only export textures from substances as they look like when compressed. This was listed as fixed, but it's not.

Duplicated materials' inspectors missing.

Both of these are pretty serious issues with the plugin currently.

Hi, it's been a while, and I'm still seeing the Alpha8 UNorm issue when setting compression to RAW.

Using Substance 2.5.2, Unity 2020.1.3f1, HDRP 9.0.0-preview.54

Also, when changing compression settings and pressing apply, when selecting anything else in the project window, I get a popup asking me to Apply or Revert. If I hit Apply, it reverts back to old compression setting. If I hit Revert, it keeps the changes. This is backwards, but also the popup shouldn't even be coming up once Apply is pressed the first time in the inspector.

Hi, thanks for acknowledging the issue. Is there any rough timeline for a fix for this? It's getting pretty hard to do shader development when I can't see the shader's inspector for duplicated materials. Thanks.

Unity 2020.1.1f1 latest
Substance in Unity 2.5.2
HDRP 9.0.0-preview 33


In a newly created empty project with the latest version of Unity and HDRP, if you duplicate a material with the following code, the duplicated material's inspector will display properly.

Code: [Select]
public Material originalMaterial;    // assigned a material from the project. Can use any shader.

public Material clonedMaterial;     // not assigned anything. Should be null in the inspector.

void Awake()
    clonedMaterial = new Material(originalMaterial);   // This duplicates the original material at runtime.

Once I import Substance 2.5.2, and run the above scenario, if you double click on the clonedMaterial in the inspector, it says "No Shader Selected", and there are no properties visible in the inspector.

Tests show that the material is cloned properly, but the duplicated material's inspector is broken. This makes it impossible to tweak the duplicated material's properties via the inspector because nothing is visible.

The Substance Plugin is breaking the material inspector for runtime duplicated materials.

Tried Substance 2.4.5, on Unity 2020.1.0b7 with HDRP 9.0.0 (due to some Shader Graph fixes in that version). In 2020.1, Unity uses the PackageManager exclusively for importing/updating Asset Store assets. The PackageManager shows the latest build as 2.4.4, however when I install it, in the Substance > About menu option, it shows as 2.4.5 (beta).

Although 2020.1 is still in beta, I wanted to point out that the latest version does not fix the Alpha8 problem when compression format is set to Raw.

There is also another problem with texture compression. The setting "Compressed" makes the alpha channel the same as the red channel. The setting "CompressedNoAlpha" shows the alpha channel as it is supposed to be, interestingly enough.

Additionally, using Unity's new "Preset" functionality in the top right of the inspector of the Substance textures causes the editor to hang when trying to save a preset.

Can someone take a look into this for 2020.1?

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